Thursday, 17 July 2014

Front garden – the update!

Waaaay back in April, you might remember I posted about giving my front garden a makeover, courtesy of Plant Me Now, who guided me in choosing lots of lovely plants and a bit of expert advice about how to best make use of the space in my front garden.

Well, after some fervent planting and lots of watering, THIS is how it turned out.

 Big improvement, eh? We’re really pleased with the results. The front garden is now almost overgrown, and has been stuffed full of flowers since May. The violas in the window box have been in constant bloom all summer. Now the geraniums have kicked in and the lavender is really beginning to take hold. It’s probably half a metre tall already, from having been a tiny little plant!

It makes a real difference to the space at the front of the house – as you leave, you catch a waft of lavender and get to admire your flowers. And it’s nice to see people walk past and admire them – I caught a lovely old gent smiling into the garden, just a few days ago.

It’s even lovely from the inside of the house. As our living room looks straight out onto the street the view is now softened by the greenery, and if you sit in the chair next to the window you can watch the bumble-bees pootling across the lavender.

And bin update – the lavender has actually made it its mission to hide the bins. So happy!
I’ve caught the flower bug and can’t wait to plant more. I’ve got my eye on nasturtiums for next summer, and am plotting Spring bulbs and winter bedding plants.


  1. Looks so gorgeous! I love lavender and you've got all my favourite colours going on too. Wheelie bins really are a pain though aren't they? Quite a few people down my way have constructed a little screened off area for the bins and I rather like the look of it. But I suspect it makes manoeuvring them on bin day a bit of a headache. I especially love the green view from inside the house. Hoorah for flowers!

  2. BTW, forgot to ask: what is that lovely really tall plant on the corner?

  3. Lovely.

    I forgot to show you my courgettes when you came round (not a euphemism) but I'm getting well into my garden too. Now if only I could find someone to chat about laying turf with...

  4. Thanks Nat! The tall green plant is a bay. That's the only thing I didn't get from Plant Me Now although I think they do stock them as well.

  5. wow, you have nice decorated garden. Even it small but still beautifull :)
    I think this is gonna be the inspiration of me for my garden :).