Sunday, 11 May 2014

Down on the farm

Last weekend we stayed on a sheep farm in East Sussex with some friends, our children and a dog. It was so lovely I had to share some photos. It was a fully working farm, with fields and fields of sheep, blossoming fruit trees and, at this time of year, lambs! Fluffy little lambs with pink floppy ears, everywhere. The perfect way to get away from London for the weekend. We arrived on Friday night and, after putting the baby down to bed, went for an extended march around the fields. It was so pretty! Ponds, huddles of cute woolly lambs and their mums, blossoming trees...


This lamb was less than 24 hours old!
The farmers were brilliant; they really wanted to let us all know how the farm worked, how important it was to support the industry by buying British lamb, the whole process from lambing to going to market. It was obvious they really looked after their animals. The children got to go in a pen full of tiny gamboling lambs and stroke them. CUTE OVERLOAD!


The farm is in the village of Peasmarsh, five minutes outside of Rye, which is also worth a visit. Extremely quaint, full of olde fashioned teashops, traditional grocers and wisteria-covered inns and the like. We had lunch at The Ship, whose half pint of smoked prawns were a Thing.  Peasmarsh is also where Paul McCartney has his home (where he lived with Linda and sent his kids to the local comprehensive.)  I pressed the farmer for juice but she wouldn't spill, saying the locals are very discreet. Although she did say a couple of interesting things about Linda, that I shan't share! (You can see ariel pictures of his house online if you're feeling stalky. Helipad! What a life.)



Romney Cottages, the accommodation, was really child and animal friendly. What used to be an old lambing barn, it had decking and lawn overlooking a duck pond, fully fenced in and safe. A really nice place to relax. The farmer took time to bring us extra highchairs and cots and Moon (a huge retired greyhound) was made to feel really welcome. There were lots of beautiful sheepdogs on the farm too – working dogs, so we were told to be careful with the kids, but they were lovely, clever dogs. There was a great fully stocked kitchen, too.

Arthur doing monkey legs to avoid the sea
Peasmarsh is also close to one of my favourite places, Dungeness, so we had to pay a visit. That place never gets old. Fish and chips outside the pub, gazing at the nuclear power station, with a miniature steam training passing by. A desert california vibe, complete with dodgy folk art, mystic gift shop and airstream caravans. Completely weird. The beach was warm enough for paddling, even in early May.




All just a couple of hours drive out of London, or on the high speed rail link, so a really lovely way to spend a spring weekend out of the city.


  1. Dawww, looks so lovely. I'm in love with Rye and Dungeness, need to pop back soon.

  2. Ahh - I want to go back. And I didn't hear the Linda gossip - you'll have to share.

    Lovely pics of Arthur, thats one cool coat.