Monday, 24 March 2014

eBay collections

As an avowed thrifter, many of my favourite things have come from eBay. A brooch shaped like a telephone, beautiful vintage leather shoes and bags, 1950s glass Christmas baubles... When I'm far away from the thrift stores that I love, I can still sift through Americana treasure.

Perfect thick wool vintage blanket

In the run up to my wedding, I even bought dress options from eBay – I still have a fabulous Halston Heritage nude silk dress that I didn't wear and need to re-list. And over the years, I've found so many beautiful vintage dresses from last century; chiffon from the fifties, palm prints from the sixties, printed silk from the eighties; I can remember them all. I have my favourite vintage labels saved as searches and, this might be taking it too far, my favourite colour. (Electric blue. If you search electric blue, you are pretty much guaranteed to find some cool things.)

So eBay's new collection feature is, for me, a dream. I can save things I like, gathering them into moodboards to go back to later. I have a rule only ever to buy things that I can't stop thinking about, so this is perfect: save now, go back with your fingers crossed that it's still available! (And this is where the 'find something similar' button is a godsend: sometimes the same piece shows up, or something better!)

Now I have a house to fill the collections have been invaluable. I've been able to group together looks and themes and plan out rooms. A cosy cluttered kitchen is my number one house priority, and I've been able to source essentials like a Mason Cash mixing bowl, enamelled teapots, heavy iron pans, and most importantly, a huge reclaimed kitchen table!

Next on my list is the garden, so bistro chairs, thick vintage wool blankets, antique lemonade pitchers and every garden's essential: a swingball set. And a paddling pool. (For Arthur. Honestly.)

One day I will finally own a Moroccan wedding blanket
 When I'm not filling my actual house, I can fill my fantasy dream home – a modernist LA house in the hills, filled with period Danish rosewood furniture and ceramics. (Again, just try typing the word 'Danish' into eBay search for a list of singular beauty.)

Then when the dream house is filled, I can get even more abstract and just live inside a William Egglestone photograph, or daydream about a motel stop-off on a dusty California desert roadtrip. Amateur oil paintings of bored-looking ladies, mexican hand-embroidered bedspreads, and the ultimate, a pink Princess telephone.
A pink Princess Phone for long days chatting and drinking martinis
Do you use the bay of plenty? Isn't this just a BRILLIANT new feature?
[You can see the rest of my collections here: Berlin coffee shop, a perfect day to spend in bed, Tribeca loft, and more!]

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