Saturday, 1 February 2014

2013 moments and 2014, the beginning.

Ding, dong it's the first of February. I saw Katie's round-up of 2013 and remembered when I used to do a year by pictures as well. Lloyd's Bank asked me to share some of my best moments of 2013 so here is a little momentsgif.

Last year was really all about Arthur, as we did lots of 'firsts' with him. First time in the sea, first time in a plane. I've realised this year will be much the same, because it will be the first time he actually knows what's going on when we take him to the sea and on a plane! 

2014 has been a bit of a pain so far, let's hope the year improves! In other news, I'm so glad I wrote my resolutions as it made me focus on what I needed to do, and I can mark up a few triumphs in January. 

House – We planned to have some rewiring and restore our original floors in January but as it turned out, we had no floorboards in our house underneath the crappy flooring that was there, probably because the subfloor was damp. So, January has been spent living at my father-in-law's house in Blackheath, talking to builders and tradesmen, and having a ton of work done to the house. We knew it all needed to be done, so it's great to actually get on with it. Plus my father-in-law is away, so it has worked out well. Living in Blackheath for a month is no chore! 

We're having a gorgeous oak floor put down, hopefully in the next week, so in a couple of weeks should be back in. Next I just need to choose colours for the living room, which I will paint before we move our furniture back in. I'm thinking something very pale, the colour of eggshells, with a lacquer finish. At last, the fun part!

Fitness – I joined the local gym, started running again, and made it a priority. I notched up 50k in January, plus a couple of 1k swims and a spinning class. I love spinning but one class is enough for me for a while! Running is just as evil torture, and I get to listen to my own music. Plus the way my face goes magenta indicates that good work is being done. I only trust my scales at home so I don't know if I've lost weight, but I think I've lost an inch or so here and there. It's also encouraging me to drink less (coffee and red wine, tsk), and eat healthily.

[I need some new running trainers btw. Nike or New Balance, that is the question?]

Work – With all the above, I haven't had a chance to be proactive in looking for more work. But a really cool project came to me, and I hope to share later this month! Arthur has had some great days with his childminder since we've been in Blackheath; they've been to the Turner and the Sea exhibition at The National Maritime Museum, which I heartily recommend, and on board the Cutty Sark. I will miss Blackheath when we head back to East London - Greenwich Park is really special!

How is 2014 going for you?

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