Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Or, get loads of shit done.
Happy New Year! It's January 1st, the day before everything goes back to normal. So I'm seizing the moment to write a list of everything I want to get done this year before I find myself in default brain sludge mode, which I predict will happen at around 10am tomorrow morning. If I've written it here I can keep checking to remind myself. And maybe do it. Note: this is not interesting stuff.

1 - File last year's tax return. I think I have until the end of January to do this. When I finish writing this blog post I am going to check. (Note: I finished writing the post and have already checked. It's all groovy. I CAN do this stuff! I just need to pay my outstanding National Insurance bill now. Baby steps.)

2 - Go back to work. Well, I already am working and have been since Arthur was 5 months old. But I want to do something more structured; either take on a new regular client, or a permanent job. I'm even thinking about going back to typesetting because I actually did love doing that, and you can just plug in your headphones and get on with it. (Which frankly sounds like heaven, when most things I do usually involve having a toddler tugging at my leg.)

3 - Sort out more structured childcare. I have an amazing childminder at the moment but usually only for one day a week. And the father-in-law helps a lot. But I want my time to be more structured, so I'm not chasing my tail the whole. damn. time. I'm thinking: find job first, sort out childcare second. (Is that obvious? Heh. This is my list so whatever.)

4 - Make sure Arthur gets plenty of stimulation. This will probably go hand in hand with more structured childcare. Arthur is walking and talking now. He is really physical and loves learning new things and frankly needs more than I can give him in that department. My mum's primary school teacher gene didn't get passed down. He goes to lots of toddler groups and gets plenty of exercise but I want to make sure he's not bored.

5 - Lose weight. I've still got the weight I gained when pregnant. This sucks. I just don't get the chance to exercise as much as I used to and that's really frustrating as I actually really enjoy exercise. (I daydream about spinning classes! Seriously.) So. Find a spinning class. Go running whenever I can. Ditto swimming. And cycling. And yoga. Sigh. (This one seems really hard as I'm too tired in the evenings and during the day I work whenever I'm not looking after Arthur. Ideas?)

6 - Stay motivated to keep on top of the house. Not literally. And I won't bore you with this. But there's always something that needs doing. So just do it! And I'm not just talking hoovering – the fireplace needs sorting out, kitchen needs updating, roof has a leak, bathroom could do with some work… January we already have wiring and reflooring booked in… Make sure everything else gets done. A stitch in time!

7 - Plant garden. We pulled up all the garden pavers and turfed in the autumn. So now we need a bit of trellis fencing and some plants! I have a list of things I'd like to plant, need to work out what needs planting, when.

8 - Try to drink less caffeine. And red wine. And swear less. The usual. Have less fun, basically.

9 - Relax more. Have more baths. Light more candles. Watch more films. Read more books. The usual.

10 - I just feel like I should finish on a 10. Ok, wear more sunscreen. And actually, I mean this, as I have lupus and wearing sunscreen is the single most important thing I need to do to keep healthy. Also, exercise and do everything i can to sleep well, to try and prevent lupus flare-ups. Make sure I keep on taking my supplements. (Currently - Vitamin D, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil and Floradix. Seem to be working well.)

I told you it was boring! This is more for me than you, OK. Hope you're all feeling ready and raring to go! Let's do this, 2014!