Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn earworms

Apparently I've got a thing for blowsy baritones at the moment. This chirpy little ditty is keeping me cheerful as we say goodbye to summer. Ghouls, by H. Hawkline – perfect for Halloween. Who couldn't love a silly song sung by a cute Welsh boy?

I heard Jake Thackray played on the radio recently and stopped in my tracks. How silly and lovely is this song? He was very well known apparently, something of a TV and radio personality back in the day. Sentimentally sung in a daft Yorkshire accent – perfect. 

And let's round it up to three with a song written by my other favourite baritone Fred Neil, sung here by the divinely gorgeous Tim Buckley. (This is one of my favourite musical moments ever. Tim Buckley looking saucy plus beautiful song  ? WIN.

Autumnal folk music surely goes hand-in-hand with cider drinking. So I'm going to this Apple Day fair at the weekend to get into the spirit of things. Can't wait!

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  1. I've already been having a Jake Thackray moment recently, thanks to a recent best of purchased by my boyfriend, but I hadn't seen that particular video; good LORD that man is captivating. Great choice!