Friday, 11 October 2013

Heal's Challenge

heals composite flat2
This post is part of the Heal's Challenge, to put together a living room using only the Heal's product range. Basically, an absolute dream. My perfect living room would be a happy and cosy mix of styles, shapes and colours; like Julie Delpy's apartment in Beyond Sunrise, or Vanessa Bruno's gorgeous Parisian apartment. (You can see some inspiration pictures on this Pinterest board.) This would be the ideal dream version of it, straight from the Heal's showroom.

1. Love this sculptural pendant light shade; perfect to punctuate the room. (Most of my favourite rooms seem to have huge, interesting shades.) 

2. Walnut Round Mirror – to add light and a feeling of airiness.

3. Love the elegant line of this Danish designed chrome floor lamp. (Copied from one of my inspiration pictures here.)

4. I picked a walnut frame sofa in a classic leaf green to add a bit of structure and elegance to my room. But it was a difficult choice as there was a huge range of gorgeous sofas, each of which would completely change the look of your room.

5. The coffee table is a focal point of any living room and this Calligaris Element piece throws a great shape. Unusual but completely practical.

6. I'd cover every spare surface with bowls and vases if I could. But I'll stick to this one Finnsdottir piece. Beautiful handcrafted Danish porcelain.

7. At least one blanket or throw is absolutely essential in my living room. I'm going matchy with the sofa with this bold graphic green print, a gorgeous Eleanor Pritchard wool throw.

8. Ok, I can't stick to just one vase. These Pols Potten colourful glass bottles will brighten any dusty corners and the bubble tops neatly match my circle mirror. See what I'm doing here?

9. Throwing matchy matchy out of the window, this is a big ol' happy grin of a rug, painstakingly cross-stitched rug in brightest pink.

10. My parents got Heal's bookcases for a wedding present, so an elegant bookcase is a must. Plus a living room that's not full of books is all wrong.

Post in partnership with Heal's

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Arthur is one!

It was this little niblet's first birthday today. Hard to believe it was one year ago that I caught the tube to the hospital first thing in the morning, with Arthur born at 11.26am. By caesarian section, I'm not that bad-ass. We've had a lovely day – balloons, lego, a trip on the Docklands Light Railway to the city farm, cake and candle. Looking back at the pictures from today we may possibly have overdone it; Arthur looks exhausted!

Happy birthday Arthur. You're the best baby in the world. (This is him last weekend, out for a walk in our local park.)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn earworms

Apparently I've got a thing for blowsy baritones at the moment. This chirpy little ditty is keeping me cheerful as we say goodbye to summer. Ghouls, by H. Hawkline – perfect for Halloween. Who couldn't love a silly song sung by a cute Welsh boy?

I heard Jake Thackray played on the radio recently and stopped in my tracks. How silly and lovely is this song? He was very well known apparently, something of a TV and radio personality back in the day. Sentimentally sung in a daft Yorkshire accent – perfect. 

And let's round it up to three with a song written by my other favourite baritone Fred Neil, sung here by the divinely gorgeous Tim Buckley. (This is one of my favourite musical moments ever. Tim Buckley looking saucy plus beautiful song  ? WIN.

Autumnal folk music surely goes hand-in-hand with cider drinking. So I'm going to this Apple Day fair at the weekend to get into the spirit of things. Can't wait!