Monday, 23 September 2013


So, did you guys already all know about hush? Finally I have discovered where people shop that expensive-looking but slouchy, luxurious but dressed-down look that I can't ever seem to achieve. (See: all Hollywood superstars on their day off.) hush is like a huge, overstuffed chest of cosy cashmere, bedtime cottons, stylish silks, interesting knits and winter brights. They stock both day and nightwear, with a lot of pieces comfortably crossing over. The price range is totally accessible, too. Here are a few of my favourite autumnal reds and winter blues, to keep you warm until spring.

1 –  I would live in this jumper straight through to spring. Berry red cashmere to keep you cheerful over the cold season, but with the reverse-out detail on the sleeve to keep it real on a February day, i.e. grey. Love!

2 – Twenty years post Nirvana, and Cara Delevingne somehow deemed the beanie to be essential winter headwear. Needs must, and it definitely must be cashmere. And shocking scarlet, to ward off the weather nasties.

3 – Cotton red star pyjamas. These are really cute. I wish I'd known about these when I lived in my jim jams for three months after having a baby. (It was winter, OK.)

4 – Love the textured knit of this heart stitch jumper. A great short 'n' swingy length, too.

5 – Egg cosy! Needs no explanation. Essential.

6 – Stripy hand knitted bed socks. Because 83% of us can't knit and you shouldn't rely on your mum to buy your socks for you.

7 – A case of good red wine. For when an egg cosy and cute jim jams just aren't enough. This just sneaked in, sorry.

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