Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Autumn wishlist.


1 – John Lewis digital radio. What is autumn for if not cosying up and listening to the radio? Gilles, Cerys and Jarvis on BBC 6 Music, plus I'm thinking about getting into the Archers. I spied these radios dotted around my friend's house at the weekend.

2 – Tatty Devine avant garde robot bib necklace. I've never been that into Tatty Devine before, but there just seems something so right about having a giant slab of abstract laser cut perspex around one's neck at the moment. I like these giant lobsters, too.

3 – APC Orange Floral Print Dress. The dress equivalent of kicking leaves in the park then repairing red-cheeked to a mahogany panelled pub on a Sunday afternoon to share a bottle of red wine. Long sleeves and tied up tightly at the neck to keep out any draughty autumnal chills.

4 – Blue Jasmine. Woody Allen's latest fall project. (Love how he apparently calls all new films Fall Project number whatever, until he works out their name.) Cate Blanchett as his latest beautiful muse, set in San Francisco – can't wait to see how he frames San Fran. Out in the UK on September 27.

5 – New Look parka. Parkas are always in aren't they? Or am I stuck in the 1990s? (sponsored)

6 – The pumpkin. Baked in a pie, chopped into a risotto, or roasted til gooey with gorgonzola. I've even got some pumpkin jam. Let's go, giant orange globefruit!

7 – Cobra Rock boots. These boots are handmade in Texas, so perfect for the urban prairie that is, er, Leytonstone. Unfortunately the waiting list is 8 months long so maybe for next autumn, yeah?

8 – John Lewis Voyage Garden Bird cylinder shade – pretty birds to remind you of spring. And to remind you to feed the birds. John Lewis have lots of pretty light shades to keep your house aglow as the evenings get shorter. (sponsored)


  1. Love everything except the Parka - so drab, although it does remind me of my youth in the 60's.,and I suppose it would be warm. I might even break my "nothing orange" rule for that dress - lovely.
    Get back into the Archers and then you can tell me what I've missed in the last twenty years too.

  2. Bardotty - I want some of those shoes so very, VERY badly. x