Friday, 7 June 2013

Room for improvement.

Well…we're in! After 3 months of camping with a long-suffering friend (thank you George!) we moved into our new house last week. We've moved to Leytonstone in east London, seemingly the last area of town where we could afford to buy an Actual House. 

The houses around here are lovely old terraces, on quiet streets that have a real feel of old east-end London about them. Our neighbours are absolutely lovely – a hippy couple next door who immediately invited us over for tea on moving day ('We're having barley?') and families who've lived down the street for 30 or 40 years who have been really welcoming. 

The area is supposedly 'coming up', which I suppose means opening up to younger generations priced out of more central parts of town. The Red Lion pub is really lively and awesome (it won the CAMRA East End pub of the year in 2012!) and sells completely delicious burgers. Plus a Costa Coffee opened recently. Now, can someone open an independent coffee shop soon please? *daydreams about opening a coffee shop* 

Ours is an old period terraced house, similar to the ones both Tom and I grew up in and exactly what we were looking for. There are some interesting looking cracks on the walls but our buildings surveyor, who was perhaps suspiciously chilled-out, told us all was OK. Fingers crossed! Now just comes the job of getting boring essential jobs done and then working out how much money we have left for FUN STUFF.

In the meantime, when moneysupermarket offered me £50 to buy something for the house and spruce up a room as part of their Room for Improvement challenge, I was more than happy to take them up on it! The kitchen is probably the room in the house that needs the most work – it's quite dark, and needs a lick of paint (although I'm also thinking silver striped wallpaper?). In the meantime, I thought I'd buy what every household needs – a kitchen clock. Mine's from John Lewis. A bit of a difference already, non?

I'm so happy and feeling so lucky to have a new home - leaving our last place with nowhere to go and gambling on finding a place was kind of crazy, especially with a young baby! I wouldn't particularly recommend it as a course of action (STRESSFUL) but now, I'm so glad we did.