Monday, 29 April 2013


I first heard about musicMagpie from a friend who was about to move house. She'd decided to sell all of her CDs and DVDs so she spent a couple of hours scanning them in with her iPhone (I love technology!) and had made enough money to cover her removal costs.

Knowing I was about to move I made a massive mental note: moving stuff you know you don't even need is just soul-destroying. And then came the good news: you can now use them to sell clothes online as well!

I'm not too proud to admit that I have bags and bags of clothes that live in the attic. I've been through the stuff that is charity-shopable and still have tonnes of stuff I think friends might like, or can't bear to just give away as they were expensive. (Kurt Geiger boots worn once? A Reiss bag that was a lunch hour impulse purchase but was too expensive to just give away?)

We've been staying with a friend until our house purchase (hopefully!) goes through. We filled a small van with things to bring with us and put the rest into storage. Babies need lots of stuff, so we limited ourselves to one laundry bag of clothes each. Working out what to bring was easier than I'd imagined; what they say in those magazine articles about only wearing about 10% of your actual wardrobe is true. I grabbed the things that I constantly rotate, a few things that suit me but I don't wear enough, and my new Whistles dress, for special occasions.

A couple of bags (one everyday, one for more dressy things), a couple of pairs of heels as well as my Converse and APC Nikes and I was, as they stay in yon' United States, good to go.

I can safely say I haven't missed a thing. And when we move, I'm vowing to get rid of the lot and operate a strict one in, one out policy. Needless to say, the picture above is NOT a picture of my wardrobe.

image courtesy of finelittleday

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