Sunday, 24 March 2013

March madness.

Whoa! That was a long break between posts. As you might imagine, I've been busy. Baby-wise, Arthur is a total joy. He's becoming more and more alert and interactive, he cries when Daddy leaves the room, likes sitting and banging in a high chair, and just has the best, bravest, calmest nature. He doesn't cry at bedtime he giggles. Seriously, he's the best baby, which has made my whole experience really lovely and pretty stress-free. I've been so lucky on that front.

Home-wise, we've had a bit of a crazy time. We are looking to buy a house, now that Arthur really needs a room of his own. We were renting a house in Barnet which we really liked, but our landlord wanted to sign us up to another long contract, which didn't work for us as we are hoping to buy soon. After much deliberating, and trying and failing to buy the house next door, we decided to get out and throw ourselves into buying a place. We're now staying at a friend's, have found a place and had our offer accepted. We just need to see if it sticks now! (And what the survey says.) Fingers crossed. It has been quite stressful, but also feels really good to be proactive. (And avoiding having to listen to the lovely house next door we wanted to buy being gutted and done up for the next two months. Observation: property makes even the nicest people go insane and greedy, amirite?)

Other-wise, when I get a second to think about anything other than babies and houses, I keep straying to the Zara website and filling up my basket, am obsessed with Lena Dunham, (LOVED the Girls finale!), and hoping to do some baking from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.Chocolate chip brioche pretzels, anyone? (The friend we're staying with, George, has the most space-age kitchen. Perfect for baking!)

Back to London today after a week up in Yorkshire stuffing myself with chocolate and naps. Keep your fingers crossed for the house, please!

(The South Wind print from The Old Try. Just because I like it and want it in my new hallway.)


  1. Man, I hope if/when I have a baby he's like yours!

    Hope the house purchase and move all goes smoothly.

  2. Hope your house buying goes to plan. Arthur sounds wonderful :)

  3. GOOD LUCK with the house! We are looking to buy at the moment too. We lost out on an awesome house last summer and have now found another that we's a project and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
    I'm so glad Arthur is a good baby...after that pregnancy, he owes you! x

  4. I know exactly what you mean about house buying. I still cannot go down the road locally where the hosue we went to was sold to someone else! We ended up buying an absolute money pit - I am hoping it will all work out in the end! I am sure it will for you. Good luck with your imminent purchase.

  5. Thanks lovelies! Being philosophical about the house - if this doesn't come through the right one will come along in the end.

    And Lisa - you are so right! Thank goodness there is some babyjustice in the world.


  6. That is exactly what my husband says. It will eventually happen and it will happen when it is the right house. Which is true but a bit tough on the nerves when you are eager to finally settle with two little children and you've actually accepted an offer on your own house that you love... Best of luck with the house Caroline! And Arthur is really adorable AND and awesome guys from the sound of it. Can't wait to meet him. x

  7. Link me up with your potential house!! (And where). I need to see it. We are having a nightmare. Offered on 6 places since we started looking. Still no closer to buying.

    I am praying for an Arthur-type, the universe owes me a good baby, after the effort to get this far. Right?


  8. Fingers crossed, it is so bloody stressful. But it will be great, especially with a small garden for Arthur. He is so sweet.

    I loved Girls too, now it's a whole year before the next series but at least there is Mad Men.


  9. B - got all my fingers crossed for you on the house. I have no doubt that it will all work out. x

    WFI - you are definitely owed a good baby. And I will be on hand for baby minding so you can have a kip (and I can skip around your giant new sparkly house).

    Sneaky - I can't wait to see arthur cycling up and down on his trike! x

  10. Hi, came across your blog, and just have to say I love your baby's name!......But then I would, I named my big child now 21, Arthur. Obviously it was 21 years ago, and It was met with quite a lot of oh really's, when asked my bundle of joy's name, but I loved the name. It was so different then, though now really popular! He has always loved his name, and his mates think it is pretty cool too!!