Wednesday, 27 June 2012


My Converse poking out from under the bump.
I've got news! Big news! We are expecting a baby! A baby boy, to be precise. Due at the end of October. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and, judging by the belly stares and people rushing to open doors for me, the bump is getting quite big. (Above photo was after lunch at Spuntino last week; I seriously thought my legs were going to buckle.)

It's all starting to feel quite real now: the baby likes Frank Sinatra and kicks when his version of Close To You comes on which is quite cute, when you consider the lyrics. (Ok, I know he doesn't understand the lyrics, just humour me.)

This morning I bought a super-cute little wooden truck from a chazza, which carries colourful little wooden blocks, so apparently I've transferred my vintage clothes hunting to toys. (Barnet's charity shops are AMAZING, 'nother blog post for 'nother day!)

The pregnancy has been quite straightforward, other than severe and weird all-over-body itching which is driving me mad. It's a total voyage of discovery, another day brings another weird symptom. Luckily my baked beans eating phase seems to have passed and now I'm addicted to granola. At least they're healthy cravings. And obviously I have a massive wine craving that is not being indulged.

So, yeah! Any tips for managing baby boys? (I've already heard all about the wee thing.) Oh, and birthing stories welcome. I'm booking into Barnet hospital, practising meditation techniques and having the word 'epidural' tattooed onto my hand. Anything I'm forgetting? Oh yes, names. Thelonious currently top of the list. (Just kidding.) (Or am I?)

Let the pregnancy oversharing begin!