Saturday, 19 May 2012


My last tube outta town on moving day morning.
I'm finally getting around to posting! Shameful. Longest blog AWOL ever. We've been really busy but I've just read Jordan Ferney's blog about moving from Paris to San Francisco with two small children whilst renovating a new apartment and I feel slightly ashamed.

Skies! Telegraph poles! It's the country!

We moved in early March, from central London to the very northernmost stop on the Northern Line -- High Barnet. We had been living in Archway, which is super central and kind've inner-city-like. We were in a top floor flat with a noisy neighbour downstairs and it finally drove us to decide that we wanted a house, no more flat-living, so in order to do that we had to move OUT of town.

There is a big field full of horses behind our house.

We first thought about going all out and moving to Kent but decided that might be a bit dramatic, so started looking at the northernmost and southernmost parts of the city. It was kind've stressful as it meant either way we would be moving to a new part of town so each house we considered also meant considering whether we really wanted to live in that area or not.

Not my house but this is the vibe of my street. Sleepy cats on windowsills.

After seeing lots of houses in the south (one of which we put an offer in on but it fell through!) we went for the first house we saw in Barnet. It's a tiny little workers cottage on a lovely street that feels like a seaside town. (We saw the house separately and both thought the same thing.) It's owned by a family who lived in the house for 40 years. We'll get more of a feel for the place then maybe try to buy ourselves. (Although it's a lot more bloomin' expensive around here than I realised! It's a posh little area.)

Awesome creepy house nearby.

So, yes! Two months later and we really feel as though we're settling in. Our road is really quiet, which we're loving after hectic Archway. The neighbours are lovely; they've already donated some garden furniture to us, one of them makes honey, and there's a huge street party happening for the Jubilee.

Tom at the top of the common.

It's got a villagey feel; the nicest local pub is an ancient old coaching inn. There are ponds and a common with a huge hill to stroll up and down. And a nice bakery. But best of all is the tube station that takes you in and out into town as you fancy.  Oh, and you can wait for the tube in the sun.

PS: The husbo told me this would be the most boring blog post I've ever written. He might just be right.


  1. I see this post as me in a few years time! I'm just about to move to Archway but know that in about 2 years I'll want to be further out where there's trees and quiet. Hope you continue to settle in well!

  2. Tell him not to be so harsh.

    You've written much more boring posts that this.

    *This would be the place for a winking emoticon*

    I quite fancy a big field out the back of my house.

  3. Thanking YOU, wfi. I think I actually knew you were going to write that when I posted it.

  4. It's nice to see you back on here. I like the look of Barnet - I especially like the fact that there is a Waitrose nearby!

  5. I love the field full of horses. And, I confess, I didn't notice you'd gotten married! Yikes. Congratulations:).

  6. Looks lovely Caroline (and you know I'm dying to see some actual inside shots!) Excellent neighbours with free garden furniture, honey, and a street party... I want some of those!

  7. Oh the good life! A little green is great. I live on a very quite street in South West London and see foxes pretty much every day. It's so residential and calm that when they see you, they don't even run off. You'll get used to it!


  8. Lolz @granine. I thought 'What wine one, I've never stooped to posting about wine?"

    Then I remembered.

  9. Hurray! Finally! *does mini dance*
    And not boring at all :)

  10. That place looks divine. Makes me a bit homesick for London! x

  11. Just found your blog - love it. We have a mutual friend in Claire Hamilton :)