Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year! I can't even believe it's 2012. Such a banal thing to say but I really can't. Last year was a hectic one for me; I moved house three times (!), got together with my husband, and got married in New York. We spent our first Christmas at home in London, which was complete heaven, and did a round trip to visit all of our family in Yorkshire. (Most of T's family live up there too.) I hope you all had a fantastic break and are several pounds heavier, like me!

I don't really do formal resolutions at New Year and at the moment am trying to work out some really big decisions with T, so I don't need to pile any more pressure on myself! We're thinking hard about leaving London; both of us have lived here for years and years, and we'd like to live in a house, not a flat. We both want some absolute peace and quiet for a while, and that's not generally something you find in this crazy city. (Just before Christmas, a cannabis factory was discovered in the house next door! And we won't go into my crazy downstairs neighbour.)

So we're thinking REALLY hard about where we might move to. Tom's work is west London based, mine can be more remote. And, I'd like to be near enough to take advantage of everything in the city still and see all my friends! We have been thinking about Canterbury, where Tom grew up, and 8 miles away from Whitstable (aka London-on-Sea). The houses are stunning there, and it would certainly be quieter. But we're still not sure. Any ideas for somewhere close to London, with good travel links, or on the outskirts, where it is quiet and property isn't prohibitively expensive?

Other than working out the Big Plan, I would like to continue doing interesting, challenging work; at the moment I am doing some social media and community management for an online mentoring site, horsesmouth, where people sign up to help others – a brilliant idea.

I'd also love to try watercolour painting, like an Edwardian lady. I've got a sudden lust to learn more about fine art, something I've always been a little bit ignorant about. I'm dying to go and check out the Turners at Tate Britain (shamefully I've never been), and fancy a bit of a splosh around myself. Tell me all the other arty must-sees in London I have to check out before I – potentially – leave town!

Oh, and I've started Pinteresting. I'm immediately completely addicted; I usually just save images I like from the web on to my desktop so this is a welcome way for me to file images. Plus I get to nosy at what everyone else is looking at. Add me if you're on there, and I'll start spying on you too.

So, wishing you all a very happy 2012! May it be kind to us all. And I hope the Olympics aren't too annoying. Hehe.

(The image above is Turner's Sun Setting On A Lake. Which I'm sure you all knew, as you're not philistines like me.)


  1. I screamed, 'Turner!' when the first image loaded. It took me a long while to appreciate Turner but now that I do… I've seen some at the Tate (but I was more focussed on the Richard Dadd paintings the day I went. Some of the more famous ones are at the Tate Gallery.

    Happy new year and even happier house hunting!

  2. You have 4 days left to see Gerhard Richter at the Tate Modern. Go. I will be visiting the Hockney exhibition at the RA approximately 100 times when it opens - you should definitely Come with me to that. We can ponce all over the stuffy Home Counties ladies at the RA by saying we're from East Yorkshire (most of his new work is of East Yorkshire). Other than that just get yourself to the National Gallery, both Tates (get the boat between them). Come down to the Dulwich Picture Gallery - they have a fab exhibition on at the moment by the Group Of Seven (Canadian painters). I mighht make it my personal mission to Give you an art education

  3. P.s. I would offer to teach you to paint but I guess I won't have time to even pick up a paintbrush in the next few months...

  4. Dammit, I was literally just typing, 'I've ordered my watercolours too!' when you said you were too busy to teach me. Hehe.

    OK - all sounds good. I'll try to get to the GR. Looking forward to the Hockney exhibition! x

  5. I have the same love hate relationship with London, especially as I never thought I would end up her and the fact that the prospect of me owning a house in the next decade is probably nil.

    But then I would miss the galleries and the general buzz.

    I am too fickle!

  6. Happy New Year!

    I would say come and live in North Buckinghamshire - we're only 30 mins from Euston and pay the same for our big 4 bed house as we did for our last flat in Dalston - but if my family weren't here I would definitely be living in lovely Whitstable!

  7. Happy New Year Caroline... yes when you put it like that 2011 was a big year! Hope you figure out somewhere to live soon... I'd suggest Scotland but I think that's maybe a bit far from London for you? ;) On pinterest too... so will add you :)

  8. Happy New Year!

    We are contemplating doing the same and can't get quite round to moving though. Maybe somewhere in Cambridge/ Canterbury/ Brighton?...
    Anyway, I'll send you a list for London, when I moved here I proceeded to visit EVERYWHERE and all my London friends are still amazed. x

  9. Come to Kingston Vale, a 30's heaven. I have Wimbledon Common on the back of my house and Richmond Park over the road. And a bat crazy neighbour too! The places here come inclusive of badgers and foxes.

    As for art Dennis Severs House is my latest obsession and we have Lucien Freud's exhibition coming up at NPG.

    Happy New Year!!! xxx

  10. Happy New Year to you too! Congrats on getting married in NY too!

    Minted Magazine


  11. Beautiful painting! I love Pinterest!

  12. cuuuuuteeee!


  13. Thanks guys -- Bardotty, I'd love to read your list! Sneaky -- I'm going to check out Kingston Vale! Alice -- you had Tom scurrying to check out north Buckinghamshire -- think might be a bit too remote from friends / fam.

    The conundrum deepens -- fingers crossed!