Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stowells Light – sponsored post

Wine Glass in the Park

For those of us who like to enjoy a drink or two over the festive season, getting the balance right can sometimes be a challenge. If you are anything like me, your first Christmas morning tipple is at 11am, and continues merrily through to New Year's Day. 

The worst crimes seem to happen on Christmas morning. One year, me and my mother were so busy tackling a bottle of plum wine, we forgot to switch the oven on. Another time, we greedily snaffled an expensive bottle of champagne between us, whilst everyone else was out for a walk.

So, the new Stowells Light range, with reduced alcohol and calorie content, could be an absolute godsend. The wines contain just 60 calories for a 125ml glass; about a third less than a typical glass of wine. 

Stowells have a 130 year pedigree as wine merchants and, in creating Stowells Light, they have selected good quality base wines and used an innovative alcohol reduction process to retain flavour but reduce calories and take the alcohol content down to just 5.5%.

The range includes a white and rosé option. The white is a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and is very fruity, with a balance of acidity and sweetness – great on its own or with fish. The rosé is a youthful pink Shiraz, full of juicy strawberry, raspberry and cherry fruit flavours. Perfect with salads, as part of a healthier New Year routine.
If, like me, you're cutting back for the New Year, this could the perfect way to still enjoy a tipple. Plenty of flavour but with a reduction in the bad stuff. I bet these would be great mixed with soda water, as well. Moderation is key after all. Chin chin! 

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