Monday, 5 December 2011


Back in September,* I was lucky enough to get whisked away to Paris, to celebrate the collaboration of Paco Rabanne Black XS with bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, CSS and Interpol. The project is called Be A Rockstar, so the mission of our trip was to be treated as rockstars. In Paris. The kind of mission I can enthusiastically get behind!

St Pancras Station, London

On the day of the trip we had a car pick us up and whisk us to the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras. (I absolutely love travelling from St Pancras**; the renovation of the station and hotel is stunning, and there's great food and shopping to be had on the concourse, I like Sourced Market for great coffee, pastries, and locally sourced organic bits. It's fairly priced, too.)

Before we knew it we were in a taxi zipping through the streets of Paris to Mama Shelter – of course! Where else would a rockstar stay in Paris? The hotel is Philippe Starck designed and very cool. Designed to party, really. Which we did! Love that the hotel overlooks a graffitied train track. Très urban.

Mama Shelter

lunch @ Mama Shelter

But first of all I had a little look around the local area. Mama Shelter is right next to the Père-Lachaise cemetery – perfect for communing with dead rockstars.


I found a sweet little street nearby, Rue St Blaise, which was full of galleries and restaurants. Perfect if you don't feel like venturing far from the hotel.


Back to the room for a chill – they had me at Kiehl's products.

Mama shelter hotel, Paris

Then out on the town. Loved the mirrored hallways, with a scribbled note about the coolest local thing to go to that day; a Keith Haring exhibition, wish I could've popped along.


A quick Hemingway daiquiri in the bar. (How I prefer to view life, across the top of a cocktail glass.)

Mama Shelter

My and partner in crime Isabelle OC's clunky matching rockstar shoeboots.

Mama Shelter

Stage diving Iso. The venue for the event was the historic Parisian venue La Maroquinerie. It was fascinating getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the theatre. We hung out in the dressing rooms for a bit, observing the interesting grafitti.

Back to the hotel for a late night pizza and more beer.

from tonight... dinner at mama shelter paris with @gonzague @vascellari @liviacolare and @hikari

The next day, after a predictably delicious breakfast at Mama Shelter, we were all completely bleary-eyed but bundled off in our cars to L'Espace Payot, a luxury day spa just off the Champs-Élysées. It felt extremely decadent to be right in the centre of Paris, whiling away the morning having a massage and soaking in a hot tub. Whilst sipping lemon infused water from my lounger I observed a very smart Parisian lady with perfectly preserved coiffure having a water aerobics class. Très chic, I want to grow up to be that lady. Afterwards I nipped off to say a quick hello to La Tour Eiffel, just around the corner.


All in all it was a blissful trip. I'm planning to return to Paris and relax into my trip by having a morning at L'Espace Payot. Also on my list for next time: try the hot chocolate at Angelina (Coco Chanel's favourite!).

*   before getting whisked up into wedding and moving house, hency crazy posting time delay!

** a friend of mine lives in the apartment building at St Pancras and she can order cocktails on room service at the hotel to her flat. Living the dream, or what?

Thanks so much to to Be A Rockstar. Check out their site for exclusive footage of CSS, Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema Club, Cold War Kids.

Picture credits with thanks: St Pancras, Mama ShelterPizzeria


  1. I am now left wondering what the aerobics lady looked like... x

  2. haha, bardotty! She was amazing. faux blonde coiffure, pinned to the top of her head and perfectly dry even in the pool. Red baywatch style low cut swimming costume, perfectly pneumatic bosoms, I think perhaps surgically enhanced Mid fifties.

    She was lovely as well, was very sweet to me in the changing rooms as I blundered around forgetting which locker was mine. :)

  3. Thank you, I have more of a visual now, my curiosity is satisfied!

    Previous visits included these:

    Now for food I'll probably go to Le Train Blue/ Frenchie and Le Saut Du Loup after exhibitions.
    Will def pop into Isabel Marant for look 10 of spring summer 2012 and there's more on the list so will end up running around like a headless chicken - not very chic! x

  4. Ooh, have fun shopping. I managed a quick look into Maje but actually managed to buy nothing other than French Elle the whole trip! And thanks for the link on your blogroll - duly reciprocated!

    *goes off to read your entire blog*


  5. Oh I get it. Just because I do a paris post you have to go and trump me with a better one.

    Well, up yours Williams.

  6. Hahahaha - *nervous laugh* - your post did remind me to post it.


  7. Just stumbled on your blog, and adore it! Love your (and your friend's) wedge boots. gorgeous. what a fabulous holiday... and to LIVE at st pancras???!! woah...

  8. Wow, cool weekend! I concur being treated like a rockstar is definitely the way to go! :)

  9. I love Paris and cannot wait to go back.. your photographs make me want to jump on a plane and go back now. Have a wonderful day!

    XX Hilary

  10. Hi Cazza, only just seen this (now I work like a dog no time for blogs!!), lovely read. The Pere Lachaise is such a beautiful place, and I love the area surrounding it (if I ever moved back there I'd live there, no contest). Love the Retro Bottega handpainted type sign.

    Anyway the point of my post was, definitely go to Angelina, it's an institution. Very pricey cakes but very famous. My grandma used to take my sister and me there for a 'Mont Blanc', their specialty pastry, back in the day. Happy days x

  11. I'm off to Paris after exams in February and, now Christmas is over, it's all I can think about! Love your photos and your outfit - I just stumbled across your blog and I love it, you have a new follower :D

    Cat xxx