Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter whites and sparkles.

winter whites and sparkle

It must be the double trouble Gemini in me that's loving this curious mix of garish sparkles and minimal whites. These are a few of my current favourite things.

1) I've seen this OPI polish on some fashionable fingers recently. It's as mad as a hatter but festive and fun. OPI - The Rainbow Connection.

2) Cos city charm bracelet. Buildings, a lady walking a dog, trams and cars; all dangling from your wrist.

3) Can't stop thinking about this Alexander Wang Diego bag. It's just so perfect. Thick studded pebbled black leather. Buy me it from Selfridges.

4) I tried on these Repetto shoes but the price tag was problematic to me. They are truly beautiful; softest goatskin with a low wooden heel, as worn by Serge Gainsbourg. I found similars in American Apparel; still expensive but still great quality. (And I had a giftcard, yay.)

5) Inspired by this picture. Is it Sally Singer? I love her watch. Good old fashioned Timex.

6) Sparkling gold sequins. This Zara clutch has got to be the perfect way to ward off the gloomy November Monday blues.


  1. You know when I first met The Husband he use to wear glittery nail varnish (though he favoured green). Maybe I should pop a pot in his stocking (and if he doesn't use it well, I could take it off his hands ... geddit? Of his hands... never mind).

    Love the bracelet, love the watch, the bags are OK. But the shoes, well we agreed to differ on shoes a long time ago.

  2. I love that clutch, but as well am a sucker for sparkles.

  3. Is it shocking and disgusting that I clicked through on the Wang and thought "Hm. 695. Not too bad"...... ?

  4. I love love sparkly things lately, I have the gold clutch and adore it!