Monday, 28 November 2011

Recent pictures.

I haven't done one of these posts for ages: random pictures from my iPhone. Spans the summer, getting married, moving house...I can't believe it's nearly December. Thank goodness it has been really bright in London since the summer; it has made the onslaught of winter much more pleasurable. I'm definitely a summer person. Seeing these sunny pictures is making me feel quite sad; anyone got a lightbox I can borrow?

Parliament Hill Lido just after closing time.

Wedding photos outside The Trafalgar in Greenwich.

Ladies Day at York Races.

Train station in York. I'd been visiting my mum to steal all her jewellery for my 'something borrowed'.

From York to New York. The sunset that greeted us back in September. (Sigh.)
Pictures from a bike ride along the Thames Path between Greenwich and Woolwich.

London, from Greenwich Park.
Honky tonk pianna at the best pub in London, aka The Southampton Arms. 
Dungeness by night.


Tatou the dog and me, at Kenwood.

Isabelle's Cookie Monster cupcakes.
Moving day celebration at The Spaghetti House. (Must blog about this place.)

Sneak peek of new flat. Must blog about this place too! When it's all sorted. Still need shelves.
Hoops the cat. Last weekend.


  1. Ahh sunshine... yeah I have a light alarm clock thing, not exactly the same as sunlight! Loving the dog and the cookie monster cupcakes btw!

  2. WHOSE IS TATOU THE DOG?! and you have a piano, that's ace! I want one (of each). xxxx ps glad you liked the cookie monster cupcakes :) pps love the New York photos.... siiiigh

  3. Ha. I love those cookie monster cupcakes. Might have to steal that idea.

  4. Love the girls in the party dresses and the cupcakes look amaze!!!

  5. LOVE the woman who plays the piano at the Southampton Arms.

  6. Those cupcakes look delic! Your dog is adoreable.. and the pictures are awesome! I love everything about this post :)

    By the way, I'm giving away a $50 Sephora gift card on my blog:

  7. Hehe. Isa, Tatou belongs to a lady in her 80s - my friend used to walk them for her (there are two, tatou and ziggy!) - but she's just moved to Nigeria (my friend) so I am going to take over! Dog walk on the heath one Sunday? and I LOVED THE CUPCAKES!

    Other Iso - I know, love her. There was also a really good piano / sax jazz duo the other night, jazz standards, really nicely done. That place is atmosphere+.

    Thanks everyone !


  8. Aww just spotted hoops, hows hows puss? xxx

  9. Oh wow. This is making me very nostalgic! I used to live at the top of Brecknock Road and then in Greenwich. Ah...London! Glad I left you still loving you...

    Great pics!