Thursday, 20 October 2011

New York Trip, part 2.

I've been so busy since I got back from NYC. In the last three weeks I've had a lethal mix of jet lag, a heavy cold, the sudden need to search for a flat and then moving house AGAIN. (More on this later.) I'm so behind on things I want to post about, so I'm just going to post up the rest of my New York pictures (Tom and I must've taken 1500 between us) then get back to business.

The day before the wedding we went scouting around Red Hook for a place to hold the ceremony. I love that neighbourhood! In a big old warehouse there was a place that looked like somebody's garage which was advertising key lime pie for sale; Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies. I asked Steve what kind of pies he sold. Silly question. 'Key lime pie.' Although they also sell key lime pie frozen, dipped in chocolate and on a stick; apparently it's called a swingle. Read about it here.

Key lime pie

Loved this cheeky cat making none too discreet advances on my pie.

Key lime pie

Just after pie the sky totally changed.


Post wedding day hangover.


I love the diner scene in the background!

Morning after wedding

Then uptown!




Obligatory picture of Bergdorf's window. There was a sensational fur coat – I wouldn't buy fur, even if I had the money – costing about $11,000. You can just see in the picture a glamorous blonde lady; she had a lap dog in her extremely handbag and looked as though she did have the money to buy it and was all like, 'Amazing, huh.' Before looking me up and down and walking off.


A massively essential lie-down in Central Park in the afternoon. So lush!

Central Park

In my hungover state, this view of the lake looked like a mirage as we turned the corner and saw it spread out in front of us.

Central Park

Brooklyn wanderings. Love this little cafe bar, Moto. It's probably a bit too hipster for its own good but it's decorated in really beautifully restored 1920s style and has lovely old-timey live music on in the evenings. Brooklyn is going through such a 1920s revival at the moment.



Mexico 2000 is in the same neighbhourhood, a few tables set up at the back of a bodega. It's the best mexican food I've ever had.

Mexico 2000

We went to Williamsburg just to have a poke around and caught the new East River ferry straight outta there, which was handy. I'm being a total hipster snob in this post, it seems. Dunno why, it takes one to know one.


Loved the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. Henry Street was such a sweet little neighbourhood street.


Coney had to be done. I don't know why I never learn about Nathan's hot dogs. They're disgusting. But my eyes are bigger than my belly, as my Grandma used to say.


The weather was lovely so it was nice to have an unexpected beach day. And there's just something so special about Coney, deserted when we went but redolent of generation upon generation of couples on dates.





Then back to Cobble Hill where we saw Drive at a cute old-fashioned cinema. (Loved Drive. Mean-faced hottie Ryan Gosling driving around LA. Didn't get Carey Mulligan in that role, though.)




This was the sign of a vintage shop called A Little Wicked in the lower East side and I have to say, it was full of awesome. You can buy online on their website. I was trying to be good but I regret several things that I didn't buy there!


Kinda love this picture of me crossing the street. (Narcissistic, yeah, that's why I've got a blog.)



How awesome is The High Line? Hanging out above the streets of downtown Manhattan, planted with scented shrubs, flowers, water features to splash in, recliners overlooking the Hudson river... such an oasis.





On a moody walk around rainy Tribeca on our final day, I stuck my head into the foyer of an old deco apartment building. How awesome is this light shade?


And our last sunset in NYC. I hate that feeling in airports when you just know you're on borrowed time.



  1. One day I will get to New York. Looked amazing.

  2. Looks like you had amazing time. That Mexican food looks to die for! And the diner too.

  3. I got to spend two glorious days in NYC, it was amazing but not enough at all. Gorgeous pics. I want to go back!

  4. Sigh, I want to go back right now... especially to the high line. Ok, it's probably cold now but I would still go. Sigh again! Glad you had a fab time Mrs!

  5. Love your narcissism comment - so funny!

  6. Gosh your pictures of NYC are fantastic. Been a native here for a long time, and have never lost my love for the city.