Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What a difference a day makes.

I'm off to New York to get wed! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and congratulations, it was really nice to hear your stories. I love Sneaky Magpie's tale of canceling her flowers, hair and makeup at last minute and doing it herself!

I've just packed my bag (Betty's cake and all!) and our flight is tomorrow afternoon. We're picking up our wedding certificate on Friday from City Hall in Manhattan, which I'm slightly concerned about because the recent change in same sex marriage legislation means it's going to be busy. But fingers crossed it will go without a hitch (ha) and Sunday will be our big day.

Hope you all have a good couple of weeks and I'll show you the pictures when I'm back! In the meantime, here are some of my family's wedding pictures. First, my Grandma and Grandad. (They got married on St Valentine's Day, 1942. Love this picture!) Next are my great grandparents. Then a mixture of my family and my step-family. There are some fantastic outfits, glasses and hats; it goes to show that the big white dress is a fairly modern concept! See you on the other side!

Grandma and Grandad wedding picture

Great Grandma and Grandad's wedding day

Wedding picture including the Williams.

The Stephenson's wedding.

Hereward and Joan Brown's marriage -1942

dorothy and Norman's wedding

Spring Bank Menston.

ps: I've asked my mum to leave a comment with the dates and details of these pictures. Some of them are older than you'd think they are!


  1. Love the photos and hope you miss all the queues at the registry.

  2. Congratulations! It's lovely to read about such small, fun wedding plans and see all those great photos. Have a great time.

  3. Good luck, what a great place to get married :) x

  4. awwww love the photos... really moving... have a beautiful wedding and wanna see you both for dinns when youre back. *wipes happy tear* xxxxx

  5. As requested by the bride to be:
    Pic.1 - Edna and Leslie -C's grandparents - Feb 14th, 1942.
    Pic.2 - Arthur and Mary-Ellen - not sure of the date, but Edwardian. C's great grandparents.
    Pic.3 - Family friends. The scowling girl is myself, along with brother David and Edna and Leslie. 1955.
    Pic.4 - John and Lilian (my husband Mike's grandparents. Taken during the Great War.
    Pic.5 - Hereward and Joan, 1942. (Mike's parents).
    Pic. 6 - Dorothy and Norman - mid 1950's. Mike's lovely Aunt.
    Pic.7. - George and Sallie, 1915. Mike's grandparents. I wear Sallie's ring as my wedding ring.
    One thing these couples shared was that they had long and happy marriages and I'm sure that Caroline and Tom will also. May the sun shine down on them this Sunday. xxx

  6. As requested by the bride to be:
    Pic.1 Edna and Leslie, 1942 (Valentine's Day). C.'s grandparents.
    Pic.2 Arthur and Mary-Ellen (Edwardian). C.'s great-grandparents.
    Pic.3 Family friends, 1955. I am the scowling girl with my brother David and parents.
    Pic.4 John and Lilian - a Great War photo. My husband Mike's grandparents.
    Pic.5 Hereward and Joan 1942. Mike's parents.
    Pic.6 Dorothy and Norman, mid fifties. Mike's lovely aunt.
    Pic.7 George and Sallie, 1915. Mike's grandparents. I wear Sallie's wedding ring as my own.
    All these lovely couples had long and happy marriages as I'm sure will Caroline and Tom. May the sun shine down on them this Sunday. xxx

  7. oh my goodness second to last pic - is you second to the far right, brilliant. Massive bisous from us all, lucky horseshoes, Carole King, Saxos and strict instructeroonies....don't squash that posey xxx

  8. Amazing! I love these pictures :) And of course I love that you're off to get married my dear! Have a fab, fab, brilliant time xx

  9. Congratulation! Those photos are so lovely.

  10. Wishing you a wonderful wonderful wedding.