Friday, 2 September 2011

Guess what?

Us, just after Tom put a ring on it.
I'm getting married! Tom and I got engaged a few weeks ago. We've managed to tell most people by now and my friends are tweeting about it, so I thought it was about time to share here since I share everything else here! We got engaged in Greenwich a week after deciding that we wanted to get wed. (That's what the happy pictures in the park a couple of posts ago were all about!)

Tom wanted to do it the old-fashioned way, on one knee with a ring (ahhh), but the ring was at his mother's house and she was away. So after a week of massive impatience on my part - it reminded me of waiting for my rollerboots for my seventh birthday, torture - he finally got the ring and down on one knee he went.

I was completely sure about getting married* but a bit nervous in case I didn't like the ring (shallow, I know). Luckily it was love at first sight. It is a little emerald and diamond art deco daisy, which Tom's grandmother wore for 45 years. And I'm going to use my grandmother's wedding ring, which is made from butter-coloured Welsh gold.

Oh, and the wedding: it's taking place in two weeks time, in a tiny little park in Red Hook, Brooklyn, overlooking the water and the Statue of Liberty. One of my best friends, Jenny, lives in New York and is licensed to wed, so she's doing our ceremony. Then we're going to have champagne in the park and go somewhere nice for dinner. Another good friend of mine will witness it for us, with his lovely wife. It'll be a bit sad on the day not to have our family and friends there but neither of us has the desire for a big trad wedding, or the skills to arrange one, so we're just going to do what suits us best.

So yeah! It has been a busy time, lots of change. Mainly blissful, but even tiny weddings have their stresses! Dress, rings, locations, food and drink, vows... I think I'm through the worst of it (after a week of meltdowns!), so here's to it getting easier and fun again. And hats off to you gals who organise big weddings! Tell me about your wedding plannings. Did you get stressed out? I didn't see that coming!

*That cheesy cliche of 'when you know, you know' is so true!


  1. WOW WOW WOW! That's some exciting news. So pleased for you. Sounds like you are planning a wonderful wedding. Wishing you much happiness, fun and laughter all the way.

    For our wedding... we were living in NL with a 4 month old son and planned our wedding back in the UK at this beautiful place.

    120 family and friends. A weekend long event, with Friday night party (with brother in law's band playing), lazy Saturday, and a wonderful early evening wedding. Big dinner, party and in between all this I was popping upstairs to breast feed my little boy! Busy? Yep! Wonderful? Amazing! Thankfully the Sunday was filled with a big breakfast for 50 guests, a long country walk, pub lunch and easy Sunday evening!

    I do hope you have as much fun. Looking forward to seeing and hearing lots about your day.

  2. Congrats you guys! I always get super-happy for people in love and getting married. Especially so for a 'Tuffers' bride.

  3. Thanks so much, loves! Victoria, I think I knew the story of your wedding already, somehow - the crazy power of the innernetz!

    Thank you, thank you. I think I've been getting over-stressed and now it is time to chill. :)

  4. And ps: Victoria, your do sounds so lovely and chilled! How did you stay non-stressed? I think I need to start meditating. Or gardening. Or something.

  5. OMG!! Congratulations!!! He's handsome too...good work! And the wedding in 2 weeks in Brooklyn?...awesome! Big or small, it's always going to be stressful...but you'll enjoy every minute and once it's all over you can relax (& mostly wish you could do it all over again!). V happy for you..well done! How romantic x

  6. I don't remember getting stressed about the wedding. That was just planning an awesome party with out the stress of no one turning up, because they'd rsvp-d.

    The bit that scared the shite out of me were mine and Paddy's parents meeting the night before the wedding. Has Mozartum met his?

    A small wedding is very you, but a bit gutted you won't get to design invites and plan favours (not that I did favours but, you know).

  7. Wow - all the happiness. What an exciting adventure. And nothing wrong with a small wedding, it is just the beginning of the rest of your life together.

  8. Congratulations!
    I got married on a beach in Hawaii. The minister turned out to be female and used to be a bikini starlet in Elvis Presley movies. Even in her 60s and wearing a mumu, she looked considerably more beautiful than the bride :-(
    Upstaged by the vicar. Bah.

  9. Congratulations!

    I got married in Rome - little church off Via Veneto and reception in hotel across the road (about 60 people).

    I wore too my nan's ring!


  10. Holy cannoli! Congratulations girl! I can't say that I have any wedding advice for you as I've been to next to no weddings and I'm not even in a relationship! I do wish you and your finance all of the best and look forward to your fabulous wedding photographs!


  11. wow... what a lovely post! Good luck to you both....

  12. Congratulations! I'm totally into the small wedding thing too so it sounds great!

  13. Amazing news, congratulations Caroline!! Your wedding sounds lovely. Ours was tiny, 13 people (including us) at the old Marylebone town hall. Then lunch at Shoreditch House. I wouldn't have changed it for a big wedding for anything. xx

  14. Congratulations! What a lovely story :). Pictures of the ring please, it sounds amazing! Wishing you guys all the best, enjoy your day. xxx

  15. Congratulations! Your plans sound perfect!

  16. Super-yay for you! That is absolutely wonderful news. You two look very happy in that picture. I hope your Brooklyn-do is fantastic.

    I'm all about small weddings too. There were only 7 people at mine (including me, groom and his dad was the vicar). Party months later for my American family and friends to fly to London. Good times.

    Can't wait for you to post the pictures.

  17. What a lovely picture. Mike and I will certainly be toasting you both in champagne on the day (and probably nibbling some Betty's special cake).
    Having experienced two weddings, the second tiny ceremony was by far the most romantic and memorable. Love to you both xx

  18. Congratulations! I really like the idea of using rings with a bit of history to them. So sweet!

  19. OMG Caroline!! This is such VERY, VERY exciting news!! (Also very chuffed that I inspired you to blog this after my Twitter detective-work revealed nothing substantial in previous posts :-)

    I, too, want a photo of the ring. It sounds divine. I am SO much more enamoured by the idea of a vintage piece rather than a bla bla princess cut bla bla Tiffany's bla bla.

    Can't wait for more deets.

    Lots of love to you both!
    Poppy xox

  20. Congratulations! Can't wait to read about the big day :)

  21. Wow!! Congratulations!! Your wedding plan sounds perfect :)

  22. I LOVE this pic - where are those shoes from? I digress, massive congratulations pusscat! What day this week and I will get creating xxx

  23. Ahhhh, amazingness! Congratulations to you both! So excited for you – and a wedding in 2 weeks?! That is really quite brilliant! :D Very, very happy for you!

    On the wedding stressing, we didn't think we would... and we did. I think it's unavoidable. When something matters to you, you get stressed... that's all. xx

  24. What a lovely story :) I remember being there at the beginnign over a few cocktails - loving the Beyonce reference too! Love the way you're doing it - I had a friend who stressed out completely for 6 months and utterly sucked the fun / romance out of the whole thing. Can't wait to see the photos :)

    S xxx

  25. Congrats! Dying to see the ring it sounds amazing.

    xx Cristina

  26. Congratulations! Your wedding location sounds ideal. I've been engaged for years and have avoided the whole family wedding chat!

  27. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!! A huge hug to the both of you, have the best day ever!

    My wedding was small, under 30 people, strictly parents, siblings and closest friends. It was perfect. I decided to cancel the flowers, hair & make up last minute as I couldn't be bothered with all the hassle and did it all myself.


    I need to take a note from your book. My fiancé proposed in November - November 2009, that is! - and I still haven't tried on a single wedding dress.

    Here's to wishing you both a beautiful wedding... and a lifetime of joy and love.

    Sarah x