Friday, 12 August 2011

What's going on?

The week before the riots was a really happy time for me. I'd been making plans, hanging out in sunny parks, celebrating birthdays on the Southbank, drinking too much cider and admiring London in the sunshine. I feel very, very lucky that I get to enjoy the brighter side of living in London. Boarded up shop windows and convoys of armoured police vans have been a chilling sight and stark reminder that there are two sides to living in this city. Let's hope a way can be found to resolve the situation as peacefully as possible.


  1. Such a strange contrast huh? That's what I'd been thinking when I was watching the news (my little sis lives v near croydon so we were a bit freaked out for her)... it was like something from a film rather than real life. :/ Love your sunny London pics though (been horrible wet weather here!) x

  2. What a crazy week...sad days but I'm loving that bunting and your green trooz xxxxx

  3. We had a night of riots here in Vancouver not too long ago. The department store by my office was hardest hit and all boarded off. I felt not only that there were two sides to living in the city, but that there might be two cities with too much space between them. Anyways, I hope a peaceful resolution comes quickly for London.