Thursday, 28 July 2011

London Retro.

Me and Sarah Drinkwater of the enchanted hunters geeking out at the London Retro launch party.

I think we all know by now that the only glasses that should be sitting on fashionable faces are of the thick-rimmed variety. If you're – heaven forbid – wearing rimless frames, or those shallow rectangles that we all wore in the noughties, read the heck on.

London Retro is a very covetable new range of perfectly designed and affordable frames, inspired by areas of London. So, the Shoreditch frames are chunky graphic designer inspired. The Fitzrovia frames are bookish. And so on. I chose the Carnaby frames.

Please excuse my bedhead. And apparently I have worked out how to use the caption button.

More than just quirky designs, they are really well-made. I already have a pair of geeky glasses which I love so I was sceptical that the London Retro frames would measure up. I was mistaken. My London Retro frames are now my favourite pair, really comfortable. And awesomely, you can also have the lenses made with sunglasses tints. I am now the proud owner of my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses and am loving it! Great for staring at planes in the park. These are the Carnaby frames in red, with a grey tint.

The best part is that London Retro are currently offering buy one get one free at £99 so you can get a pair of everyday frames and a pair of sunglasses for the price of one. Sweet deal.

[Do you like my Photo Booth pics? I take pictures of myself on my MacBook from time to time, usually if I'm feeling rough, to check out how bad I look. I now have 539 self portraits on there, spanning over 5 years, like some kind of art project. And I can't resist posting this picture I found on there! Me and Hoops.]

Monday, 25 July 2011

New Look.

New Look
When I noticed New Look were previewing their autumn range, I was on it like Shakespeare on a sonnet. (I have no idea what I meant by that either.) It's just one of those shops where you know you'll always find something you'll love and for a great price.

Shoes are where outfits start for me and New Look always have great shoes. Desert boots have long been a favourite of mine, both on men and on me, so these (real) suede numbers were an instant pick. Totally bargainous at £24.99.

Shopping on the high street is all about making clever choices: picking out the best fabrics and cuts and being clever with colour. I really like dresses in shades of nude and tan at the moment and am still enjoying longer lengths, so this dress is perfect. Matched with the salmon blazer, this look will take you right through into autumn. (Not that you can tell the difference between summer and autumn in London lately, hello, weather?)

I love the Annie Hall style hats that are so popular at the moment and ditto clutch bags and snakeskin print. So a double win. Finally, I can't and won't choose between the super-expensive looking cuff and the stack of bracelets. No, I'm not being greedy. I've got two arms haven't I?

New Look really are delivering at the moment in terms of short, sharp fashion fixes. Any of these pieces would really update your wardrobe for autumn. The cuff is a steal at £8.99 and a simple and stylish way to add sparkle to your look. The hat costs a tenner and will instantly update (and protect your 'do). The desert boots are an unbelievable bargain as is the boxy blazer at £35. Pieces like this make New Look a must-visit when shopping online or on the high street.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011



Whoops! I promised you more content and then went on holiday again. Well, not really a holiday, but to a friend's wedding in Normandy. Hanging out with friends and going to wedding celebrations took up most of a four day trip, but the Gentleman Caller and I managed to do a little bit of exploring.

I won't post any of the wedding pics as the lovely bride will no doubt post pictures herself, but as it took place on the bride's parents' picturesque farm and she is a really talented stylist and florist, it was incredibly pretty. She is friends with Tim Walker and he took the wedding photo, so I can now officially claim to have been photographed by Tim Walker. Congratulations again, Tamsin and Oliver. (OK, here is one picture from the wedding, but this surely doesn't count. Heart shaped fromage.)

The wedding took place just outside the town of Honfleur, where we were stayed. It was such a pretty town: Normandy surpassed my expectations, prettiness-wise. I always think that northern France is basically England.  I am wrong.

Plus, it's close to Rouen, where Madame Bovary was set, so you can have all kind of Emma Bovary imaginings. There she is, scurrying down the road to meet one of her loveurrrrrs.

The exact same view was captured by Monet.

On the same street this house was unoccupied so I decided that's where I will buy and live. Bedroom in the attic and cats, dogs and chickens running around that yard.

This cute bike was just propped unlocked against a wall. As a nasty Londoner, I was convinced that meant it was being thrown out and wanted to stash it in my car to bring home. Although it probably just meant that in sleepy Honfleur backstreets you don't need to lock your bike up.

On the drive up the Côte Fleurie to Deauville we had to make an emergency stop in Trouville when I saw this huge market taking place.

This was a huge bin of vintage dresses! I only spotted it as the market was closing and I had a hungry boy on my hands so couldn't spend too long digging. I rummaged the top layer though and there was definitely some gold! I got a €3 checked dress, a vintage Parisian label.

I also got a stripey Petit Bateau t-shirt. I love how the French genuinely do rock the stripe, en masse.

And the beaches were great! I was really surprised at how nice they were. And the water was warm!

I'll definitely be returning for a quick sunshine fix one day. Only 4 hours travel time from London! (Drive to Folkestone, Eurotunnel, drive to Honfleur.) Très bien! Plus – 1984 newsflash coming up here – the wine in the hypermarchés is so cheap! I went a bit bonkers on the way home. €3.50 for perfectly nice bottles? Momma's thirsty!