Friday, 17 June 2011


How lovely are these rings from Catbird in Brooklyn? My friend Anna* was wearing one of their rings recently and I nearly dislocated her arm to get a look. I love the trend for finer, more delicate jewellery at the moment. It's quite 1980s, and reminds me of my formative years as a magpie, gazing at all the big girls' jewellery. The multicoloured stones in Circle Ring, are particularly lovely, and the delicate little heart and initial rings are so sweet!

*Check out her awesome food blog Hungry Hollowaiians, where she and her friends try out new recipes from scratch. Such a good idea to get yourself cooking new things. I've got to make chili cornbread soon!


  1. Ah! These rings are so pretty and desirable - just right for any special occasion. That "s" looks as though it was made for me!

  2. They are gorgeous - I don't ever wear rings but they have some pretty necklaces too.

  3. Very pretty indeed, I am coveting the heart ring. x