Monday, 4 April 2011

Ladies weekend.

My friend Des is obsessed with posh hotels so she organised a girls weekend away for us. We've all been working far too hard and too late (is everyone just expected to work 12 hour days these days?). And, well, sometimes it's just hard to be a woman. We met on Saturday morning and caught a train from Waterloo to the runnymede-on-thames, a spa hotel next to the river. 

We went straight to the spa for a swim and a gossip in the jacuzzi, then to the dining room for a cream tea. We were just about to go for a nap when they brought us champagne.

Ladies weekend
We retreated sleepily to our rooms to watch a gorgeous sunset, the Social Network (quite enjoyed it) and more champagne.

Then dinner and yet more champagne. (There was actually a bit too much champagne, we wondered whether they were going to wake us up in the middle of the night with another ice bucket and bottle.) The hotel was quite swish so we pretended we were in Vegas and if we stepped outside it would be boiling hot. (You’ve gotta dream in England.) I love getting ready for dinner in a hotel: crazy heels are no problem, no catching a bus, just a tipsy walk down the stairs with a champagne glass. This was the obligatory blurry first photo the waiter took but naturally we all hated the in-focus one. 

Next day we had a huge breakfast, no-judgement pastry consumption, more gossip, then a sunny walk by the river to blow out the cobwebs.
It felt so springy: daffodils and fluffy ducklings!

More tea and white chocolate and pistachio cookies (new favourite cookie alert) before leaving for home. It was so nice to have some quality time with the ladies, with not a single thing to do and let the conversation wander. We covered all the main bases: boys, cake, ice-cream, Mark Ruffalo, Donald Draper, boobs, clothes, shoes, makeup, hair. And just a bit of work talk. Perfect. 

We stayed at the runnymede-on-thames and it was brilliant value for money. Our package included cream tea, spa access, dinner, breakfast (both of which were delicious) and too much champagne. Half an hour out of Waterloo, it was perfect for an easy weekend relaxing break, I really recommend it. Hope you had a good weekend; have a good week!