Friday, 11 March 2011

My new crib.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my new crib! So, it's very me. And by me, I mean good bones, an effort towards stylish but very scruffy around the edges. It's a flat in an old Victorian merchant's mansion in Tufnell Park, North London. Lots of you know this already, but James and I broke up*, we sold our flat and now I'm living by myself. Which I am loving. I've basically turned the place into an unashamed girly paradise.


I've been working really hard (a whole 'nother story), so I haven't had a chance to hang up pictures or do the little things I want to do. (Like take down the blinds and just have simple muslin drapes, to let in more light.) That's my Chanel lightbox under the mantelpiece, rescued from an old chemist that was closing down. There are gorgeous scuffed old floorboards throughout the flat. They're possibly my favourite thing about the place: it feels lived in and warm. I got a good feeling when I came to view it.


It's not a huge flat but has huge high ceilings, so doesn't feel too small. (Other than the kitchen, which is ridiculously tiny! But I'm enjoying loving the freedom of not having to cook and have reverted to ridiculous single girl habits like subsisting on avocados and bits of cheese. God, I am totally loving it.) Anyway, every corner is stuffed full of kitschy bits and pieces.


All the old sash windows look out onto trees; I often turn and find a magpie or a blackbird spying in on me.


Yes, I am doing that thing of randomly hanging up vintage dresses, just so I can look at them. And there are shoes tucked under every single piece of furniture that will accommodate them. I've had the giant Coke can since I was about 14, it's my dirty laundry basket.


But the best bit... check out my giant tub. Oh yeah. Did I mention it was girly heaven here?


I have a gentleman caller popping around to ruin the girly equilibrium (another whole 'nother story), so must take my curlers out. Have a fabulous weekend!

*Very sad, but definitely the best thing for both of us.


  1. I love your flat! I hope I find one just as wonderful...

    Have a lovely weekend with the gentleman caller (makes it official if it's on here, right?) and see you on the 22nd? x

  2. Thanks Sazzle. Come back soon! Yes, the 22nd. (Unless you're in the hood sooner, for a gin? Work should hopefully ease up a bit now...) xx

  3. Commiserations and sympathy for the break-up, but congrats and excitement for the new flat (and the gentleman caller?)! It all looks very pulled together for not a very long time in there at all.

  4. Wow Caroline, your new place is gorgeous. Just my type of decor, the floorboards are divine. Glad you are enjoying life as a single girl x

  5. The floorboards, the Chanel, the rug, the piano - perfect living room. Looks great!

  6. I am looking forward to the magpie watching me undress in your flat. I shall tear up our carpets and nail some of my Gran's dresses to the walls to make you feel at home when we swap.

    It's looking good Cazza, but will look much better after my dirty protest xxx

  7. great place cazzaaaaaa - you did well!

  8. Dear Caroline, your new place looks lovely. I'm so glad you've found somewhere you love. I'm coveting your Chanel light box too. The vintage dresses hanging up sound gorgeous. We must have that drink sometime xx

  9. err pic three to right of mirror - is that a cream vase? I like...and good to see the rose tin is in here! xxx

  10. So that's where the Chanel lightbox came from... Nice flat Caroline! xx

  11. Oh wow I LOVES this flat. So pretty and girlie and arty. Just gorgeous. Well done you :) Where is it? And the GENTLEMAN CALLER I can't wait to hear more about. See you and Sarah on 22nd - cant wait! xx

  12. Thanks loves! The pics look so scruffy, I'm such a lazy blogger these days. Should've been artfully arranging and lighting etc etc etc...

    Gypsyrose, it is a giant white vase - yours if you like it! it doesn't go with anything else I own. :)

    Sasha - love how you're like GENTLEMAN CALLER? I'M ALL SURPRISED! :) Looking forward to catching up. xx

  13. Hi Caroline!

    I had a sneaking suspicion you and James had broken up... It must have happened about the same time I broke up with my boyfriend. The giveaway was us both moving houses without really explaining why, I think :-)

    Glad you are doing well though, and your new place looks delightful. Wish I was in London to pop by and have a drink with you!

    Poppy xox

  14. New flat looks fab. Looking forward to catching up for a cuppa or something stronger soon. Nx

  15. Lovely roll top bath-also beautiful piano! You have a lovely home, thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing how you develop it!

  16. What a great place, really cozy and so much character!

  17. LOVE the new pad Cazzer. It's pretty much YOU in flat form really isn't it?!

    Think Jim and I should pop over to that 'ale and cider'pub for a drink with you and your gentleman caller very soon =)


  18. Your new flat looks amazing - and still loving that you have a little piano!

  19. I'm in love with your lounge area. So cozy and fun.

  20. Love your chanel light box! A unashamed girly paradise is the way to go I think - though sorry to hear you and James broke up. (I maybe should have guessed that but was prob too wrapped up in our own flat selling.) So glad you found such a nice place – hope you get time to do stuff in it soon.

  21. Thanks again for your lovely comments, dudes. Poppy - I can't believe how our situations were mirrored! We literally moved on the same day but at opposite ends of the world. And thanks Zoe. I should have more time in a few weeks. May it come quickly! Such good news that you sold your flat.

    Yippee! Thanks again everyone.