Monday, 14 February 2011

My Funny Valentine.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as bittersweet and lovely as this clip of Chet Baker singing My Funny Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! (I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. My grandparents got married this day in 1942, so I celebrate it. That’s my excuse, anyway.)

Ps: I found a gorgeous little flat and moved two weeks ago! Hence the silence. I’ll post pictures of my new pad this week. 


  1. It's lovely and super sweet. Happy V-day to you! x LondonZest

  2. Hooray. was wondering whatwas going on with you

  3. Oh gosh. It makes me want to cry right away. Glad you found a flat:).

  4. Dear Caroline, I love it.

    I wondered where you'd got to and was going to email you. So pleased you found a flat. Where is it? xx

  5. So pleased the move went okay, and that you have a cute new place! I am settling in really well to mine, and the new housemates are great. Plus, I bought a bike! Greatly inspired by you and Sasha from The Happiness Project, I should add. :-)

    Poppy xox

  6. You just helped me answer a question on the Brain of Britain final. Despite having never heard of Chet Baker, I was able to identify this song on it last night. None of the panel knew who he was. Your blog is educational!

  7. This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!


  8. you seem to have very similar interests to me! And this is one of my favourite songs.

    love your blog... I'm following!

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