Sunday, 12 December 2010

Music to cry by.

Chatting to a friend last night, we started talking about musical moments that had made us cry. My first thought was the first time I saw Stevie Wonder perform. Outside, under the stars at the Greek Theatre in LA, Stevie's voice that I had loved for years and an encore of Another Star. And then I remembered the time I saw Paul McCartney play at the Cavern in Liverpool, at a special millenium gig. He played I Saw Her Standing There* and despite myself – I worship The Beatles but kind've hate Paul McCartney** – the waterworks started. Music can just do that to you sometimes.

Have you had any tearjerking musical moments?

*I've just found the clip on Youtube. You can probably hear me screaming like a bitch in there somewhere.

**That whole campaign to change some song credits to McCartney/Lennon was the final straw for me. Ego gone insane.


  1. I feel the same way you do about Sir Paul--even though he used to be my favorite Beatle when I was 12. However, I "saw" him perform at Fenway Park last summer and there were definitely emotional moments.

    Actually, I find myself getting at least inwardly emotional at many of the shows I go to, especially of bands I've liked for a long time.

  2. I've had problems with Paul in the past. I considered us "broken up" when he married HER, but then they split so we reconciled. At least in my head we did, he obviously was oblivious to the whole thing. And yeah, he's got an ego problem for sure.

    Anyway, my moment is a Paul one as well. Saw him last year, in a gigantor stadium, but it was still awesome. I had some tears during "Long and Winding Road", then full on cried during "My Love", but then he played "Calico Skies" which I was not expecting. I walked down the aisle at our wedding to that, and when he started singing it I turned into a sobbing mess. Heaving shoulders and everything. Later, when he played "Something" on the uke that George gave him everyone was crying- except for me. I literally couldn't produce anymore tears.

    I've had lots of completely, soul-filling, inspiring musical moments, but that's the teariest I can recall.

  3. I think if I had seen him perform that song in the flesh, I too would have been sobbing and dancing in equal measures.

    For me, it's a little soppy. Watching Death Cab perform I Will Follow You and then listening to it on my ipod every time thereafter makes me cry like a child. Something about that song is just so simple and heartbreaking. x

  4. The only time I've cried at a gig was when Arcade Fire played Intervention at their Ally Pally gig. Came as a complete surprise as it wasn't a song that I was particularly bothered about but live it really blew me away. Another favourite song to weep to is Dry Grass and Shadows by Alela Diane for no reason other than the fact it's beautiful. But when I'm hormonal all bets are off: found myself literally sobbing to Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder (a song I normal can't stand)!

  5. wow- I am more a Lennon than McCartney girl too but the point is them together isn't it- that gig must have been incredible, I think I would have been tearful too! Hmm has music ever made me cry- Elgar's violin concerto's do but that's on my own- in public, sometimes Christmas carols can make me cry- and actually Laura Marling is incredibly powerful to watch perform

  6. oh god i am SUCH a crier - a few off the top of my head:

    prince 'forever in my life' live at the O2 (it's 'our' song and he NEVER plays it live so i was a bit overwhelmed)

    prince 'adore' live at hammersmith apollo (was with my best friend. we both cried like babies)

    elton john 'your song' live at the royal albert hall (he was accompanied by the royal philarmonic orchestra - so so good)

    stevie wonder 'as if you read my mind' live at the O2 (he started with this so i pretty much cried throughout the entire gig)

  7. Cried my face off while Glen Hansard and Marketa What's Her Name played "Falling Slowly" from the Once soundtrack, a year or two ago at the Crystal Ballroom here in Portland, Ore.

    Also cry everytime I hear Neil Young's "Harvest Moon," although I've never heard him play it live.