Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Results of The Big British Beauty Poll.

The results are in from the Big British Beauty Poll! (I wrote about it here back in September). My favourite snippet from the results: Audrey Hepburn was voted most iconic beauty of all time. Also interesting is that 50% of women count youthful looking skin as most important beauty attribute. If you are interested in hearing more of the results you can watch the Olay Wave Cast today at 4pm by clicking here.

(I just love, love, love this picture from the opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The morning after, Miss Golightly sipping on her takeaway coffee and nibbling on a pastry whilst gazing into Tiffany's window. A true beauty, indeed.)

[Sponsored post. The Big British Beauty Poll was conducted by Olay.]


  1. You must admit that she is very very beautiful.

  2. The opening scene to Breakfast at Tiffanies is THE most quintessentially chic thing! She looks increadble even the morning after and manages to balance a paper cup, pastry and bag with complete ease. Class. I would have been wearing that coffee...

    Love your blog!