Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Desperately seeking: little black bag.

Desperately seeking: a cute little black bag for a long-term relationship. Must be leather,
with gold hardware, and up for fun nights of carrying my purse, hairbrush, phone, keys and camera.

Any suggestions dudes? I've looked everywhere but I cannot find this elusive bag. I love the heart-shaped Marc by Marc Jacobs bag above, but I don't think it's a £187 kind of love. Or is it? Help!


  1. This is strangely weird - just ten minutes before reading this blog I was thinking how battered my little black bag looks and how I need a new one! Love this little bag but think it's seriously up-market for Beverley use.

  2. Hmm. I have a similar bag... well not really similar, since it is a bright red glittery strawberry bag. But it is the same shape! And cost only £5 from the Accessorize childrens section. Perhaps you need some £5 love.

  3. ooooh you should get it! Its beautiful!!
    Rianna xxx

  4. If you're looking for gold hardware I would have thought that you'd have plenty of choice in vintage stores and would probably find something a lot cheaper. Having said that, that doesn't seem especially expensive for what looks like decent leather.

  5. Dear Caroline, I think it's lovely. Having hair that looks like rats tails in ten minutes I always have to have a bag big enough to fit a brush in.

    I may be able to get you discount, I'll find out. Otherwise Christmas list? xx

  6. Ma - we obviously have the same obsessive gene. I'm sure neither of us REALLY NEED a new little black bag. x

    Penny - you make a very good point. For a fun shaped bag, cheap probably is best...

    Thanks Rianna - I like your enabling style!

    GSE - I actually really want a vintage coach saddlebag with gold turnkey - can't find the perfect one though! I'd like something really good quality though, not vintage. (For once.) x

    Thanks C! I am exactly the same as you, I have to brush it every few hours, I hate my hair! (Can't believe you have the same ish, your mane is resplendent.) Discount sounds wunderbar, but don't worry! xx

  7. There are some decent ones on ebay. pour example:
    this one, or how about this. Some serious gold hardware here. Fuzzy picture here, but could be great. Good luck with your search!

  8. I wouldn't really go for a heart-shaped bag. Too, too, um, cute. That said, I don't have a good alternative in mind. Bad manners on my part.