Monday, 22 November 2010

Busy busy busy.

So my excuse for slacking at blogging recently is because I started a new job a few weeks ago. The job is hectic, but I've also had a perverse determination to make sure I still have lots of fun. Something had to give and it was the blog. I've missed you all! Fear not, your intrepid blogger has been busy taking notes and photos, to ensure that when a quiet moment was found I could share. I can hear you breathing a big sigh of relief. Here's what I've been up to.


It has been freezing and foggy in London over the last couple of weeks. I've done a lot of cycling around frosty streets, going to various gigs. The London Jazz Festival has been on and I managed to go a couple of times. Firstly, a double bill of The Robert Glasper Trio and Terence Blanchard at The Barbican. We had front row seats! Robert Glasper was very cool and funny, cracking jokes in between playing piano that sort of straddles hip hop and jazz. And on Sunday, randomly, a little bit of Nirvana.

Robert Glasper Trio plus Terence Blanchard and Chris Dave

The next night I went to see Warpaint, an LA girl group who you've probably heard of; they're just on the cusp of big success, on the cover of NME last week and their single Undertow is getting played all over the radio. They were as cool as you'd expect; dreamy girl chanting with an LA drawl put to ethereal guitar, all quite entrancing.

Warpaint @Bafly-2

More entrancing music, back to jazz at the gorgeous Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston. I love this place, it's got the old-school jazz club vibe; friendly host, cramped wooden tables with candles and a beautiful Steinway piano that they're still trying to pay for. We saw Zed-U, a British trio featuring visceral, raw tenor sax, followed by a Swedish band called Oddjob, who treated us to all kinds of jazz candy.

Oddjob at the Vortex

Other than that, I've been having a renewed love affair with Camden, which is where my job is based. Posts about my new work hood incoming over the next couple of days. I will try my best not to blog slack anymore!

[Warpaint image with thanks to clsampy]


  1. Wow, you've been certainly busy! Love the photo of frosty old London town. *sniff!* xx

  2. I read this and was about to excitedly remark that the husband was Robert Glasper too.

    Then I remembered you went together.


    *wanders off mumbling incoherently*