Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Recent pictures.

Time for another photo download from my iPhone. These are from the last three or so months. The photos haven't been Hipstamatic'd, I find that kind of annoying. The bad colour balance is entirely accidental. I've listed at the bottom what they all are.


Approaching Vegas

Gram Parsons, Room 8 Joshua Tree Hotel

The Reel Inn

Regent's Canal

Regent's Canal

Parliament Hill Lido, end of summer

Tate Modern

Millenium Bridge


Leroy Hutson

Oliver and Harper

1. Leaving NYC.

2. Arriving Vegas.

3. Bathroom at Room 8, Joshua Tree Motel.

4. Cajun grouper at The Reel Inn.

5. Regent's canal.

6. Regent's canal.

7. Last lido day of the summer.

8. Tate Modern - this lady's dress perfectly matched the painting she was standing in front of. I just missed the picture but caught her as she walked away.

9. Millennium Bridge view from the Tate Modern.

10. Little Freddie.

11. Leroy Hutson playing in London. He was the lead singer of the Impressions and a contemporary of Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, Herbie Hancock... He hadn't played in London for years and apparently gets really bad stage fright. I just found this footage from the show, I got a little goosebumps situation just watching it. Also, Finn Peters on sax wearing awesome shoes.

12. Man with Baby. CUTE!


  1. That's really weird, the woman next to the painting totally looks like a friend of mine! Gonna have to check that out.

  2. Your pictures are great. I love the Regents Canal with the weeping willow and the reflection but they all have something. In the last one the guy and the baby are cute! xx

  3. Really great pics .... guy with baby is so divine !!!
    Would you mind if I used your shots of the pool (a few posts back) I promise to link and credit back to you, it just looks so amazing !!!

  4. Love the pics, Harps of course but the Tate one is fab and the new blog look....LOVE!


  5. Thanks loves. Abby, how weird, that also happened to me recently. I checked a friend's blog and she had another friend's picture in there, randomly in a restaurant review. So weird!

    Mandy - yes, no problem, the pool pics weren't mine I think (hope) I have credited them! So just credit them on. x

  6. Lovely pictures! I like them, your blog is so cute!!!


  7. Love this blog. What a great find!