Tuesday, 19 October 2010

La Soirée.

I was never really interested in the whole burlesque thing when it became popular a couple
of years ago. Gigs are more my idea of a good night out. But when I was invited to go and preview the new La Soirée show on London's South Bank, I decided to give it a go.

The show is held in a huge and plushly furnished Big Top behind the National Theatre with mahogany bars, coloured stained glass windows and seats set intimately around a tiny circular stage. You're greeted by a ringmaster and the party atmosphere starts as soon as you step foot into the Big Top.

I went with a friend who'd seen La Clique, which shares a lot of the same performers as La Soiree, and as we sat and spied on our glamorous seatmates she promised me we were going to be in for a good time. And so we were! I won't spoil too much of the show but amongst the performers there was an incredible rubber man – loved him, he gave a little speech about following your dream, whilst sitting on top of a tower of tin cans with his legs tied behind his head! – a rollerskating hula-hoop diva, a 1980s German magic competition runner up, and much more. But best of all was Bath Boy. Bath Boy is basically a guy writhing about in a clawfoot bathtub, doing all kinds of acrobatics on straps whilst wearing only a pair of jeans that are soaked to his body. Put it this way, as we left the show EVERYBODY was talking about Bath Boy.

I felt as though I was at a 1930s Berlin cabaret. It was part-burlesque, part-vaudeville; a full-on, bawdy, carnival atmosphere, with the audience invited to sing and scream along and getting forced into participating. (If you're a good-looking dude sitting ringside, beware. You may be forced to take part in an act.) The show would be perfect for a date or just out with pals. Just remember to try and pick your jaw off the floor when watching Bath Boy. Drool is not cool.

[For more details about La Soirée click here.]


  1. Sounds like loads of fun, with a splash of sexiness thrown in.

    PS - Like the new blog look too.

  2. That sounds fab. Hmmm. It's been a while since I had a night out in London...

  3. Okay, the top photo is something that I have never seen...ever!;O) Thanks for posting it. Come and see me too when you have time.


  4. Dear Caroline, sounds great! The guy is called Le Gateau Chocolat, I see him around a lot. Everytime I come to your blog there is something cake related!! I love the picture you've posted. And your new layout! I know I should do something with mine. We should have that bottle of wine at some point xx

  5. Ahh! I went to see La Clique last christmas and loved it. The lady above, the hula hooping rollerskater was brilliant. It's so bright and colourful and makes me very happy! x

  6. Hello! I really want to go to this now, thankyou for posting! I am broke though so would have to get a standing ticket and am not sure I'm a standing up person (apart from walking etc, hard to do that sitting down) and it's a 2 hour show. Apart from that, seems fantastic.

  7. Have never been to anything like this but am tempted! It sounds like lots of fun, some friends of mine also went to the afternoon tea thingy at Volupte (Afternoon tease, i believe it's called!) and had a ball.

  8. I to was invited to this...bath boy is brilliant.....but limited funds are stopping play so will have to make do with memories of the Fringe festival......sounds like an excellent evening out though!!

  9. Looks awesome :) I have been a bit crap at going to see fun stuff of late (hence posting quotes by Goethe and thoughts on boys, erm what?!) but planning to do LOTS of fun stuff post Argie. Will be in touch! In the meantime this post made me larf!