Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Birthday John.

I worshipped The Beatles as I was growing up; I thought they were the absolute shit and I still do. John was always my favourite, so cocky and raw. I wish we’d seen him grow old. I was pondering what he would have grown into recently, then saw this Vanity Fair article which imagines it and was fun to read. I think he’d have grown into an even more radical old hippy, continuing to shock us all, campaign for his causes and generally just be extremely cool. Such a loss. Happy Birthday Johnny.

(I love this clip, it has such lovely footage of John from over the years. And the bit where he thanks Phil Spector at the end is hilarious.)


  1. Dear Caroline, I loved John the best too, followed by George. I can't believe it's been thirty years since he died. I haven't heard Jealous Guy for a long time. Love xx

  2. Its funny how we all have our favourite Beatle and favourite John Lennon song. George was always my favourite but I am loving Johns music especially "Beautiful boy" It took on new meaning after I had my boys and I love the film footage with it of John and Sean xx

  3. My mom loved John with a passion. I'm a George fan. Thant Vanity Fair article - John and Yoko's acrimonious divorce - NEVER! Although I can see him on a farm in Connecticut in Wellies and shorts. Yes, and aging hippie.

    xo Erin