Friday, 15 October 2010

The Great Twitter Portrait Project.

I got photographed for Chris Floyd's Great Twitter Portrait Project earlier this week. I hate having my photograph taken but love the idea behind the project. Chris is a photographer
who wanted to explore how we use Twitter and how it has changed the way we live and communicate, spending so much time online chatting to faceless people we don't know. I guess the natural instinct for a photographer, especially one who takes ace portraits (he photographed Macca!), is to want to get behind the screenname, so here we all are.

I had my photo taken alongside a couple of my tweet buddies @IsabelleOC and @SarahDrinkwater (who both blog, at IsabelleOC and The Enchanted Hunters). We chat on twitter and hang out offline so thought it would be fun to get photographed together. It was completely awesome fun, we did some truly amazing poses, I guess the daisychain was Chris's favourite. I absolutely love it! That's me on the rollerskates, the one with the unusually short legs. Check out some more of the portraits here.


  1. It's such a cool picture. Are you the lady on roller skates?

  2. Dear Caroline, what a lovely picture! I'm loving the rollerskates. I wish I could rollerskate! Have a fabulous weekend whatever you do xx

  3. That's a great picture! I'm just trying to remember if I've met anyone in real life AFTER first meeting them on Twitter and yes, of course I have! I met my stylist for the 1st Natural History shoot on twitter and she in turn put me in tweety contact with the people who would eventually become my PR agency (and got me into this month's World of Interiors!!!!!). Hurrah for Twitter!

  4. What a fantastic photo, I love it (the rollerskates are genius). I met pretty Sarah for about a nanosecond at the bloggers brunch I went to on Wednesday, that is a lovely dress she is wearing in the photo.

    I have definitely met people through twitter, and made good friends. It took me a while to be converted but now I love it - and now I need to follow you too!

  5. That's a great picture of you. Love it.

    And also liking the new, classy blog design.

  6. Love the piccie - really cool! LOVE the roller skates and agree sarah's dress is gorgeous. You look like very glamorous and elegant ladies. And as you know I'm a BIG fan of internet liaisons :) :)

    Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

  7. Thanks ladies! Wasn't sure whether the rollerskates were borderline 'wacky wanker'. And I hate my hair. Someone please tell me what to do with it! xx

  8. cool the picture

    follow if u like what u see?


  9. Check you out on rollerskates! How cool :)

    And what a nice photography idea... it's very true about the way twitter is changing friendships and who you would normally 'chat' to.