Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Telephone brooch.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Mad Men post, more television fashion. Do excuse me, I don't usually go on about telly. I was a latecomer to Glee but am loving its cheesy all-singing, all-dancing American high school vibe. Kurt is the winner in the costume stakes with his fluffy jumper and bow-tie combos (you may have seen me jubilantly tweet this outfit).

However, I am loving the strangely alluring Miss Pillsbury's selection of costume jewellery, described by my new role model, Sue Sylvester as, '...the kind of jewellery my grandmother was buried in.' I particularly love the telephone brooch she's wearing above, which has now sparked an annoying obsession to find my own tiny telephone to pin onto my clothes. There are a few similar on eBay, including this cute vintage Avon brooch. And Tatty Devine did a telephone range. But it's just not the same. Ah, fashion's cruel lure.


  1. The Tatty one is nice, but not quite the right shape and also CRAZY expensive. This one is super-cute!

  2. Oops, I just bought the eBay Avon one. I have no job and no income, but at least I have a tiny telephone!

    Agreed Sarah - Tatty's prices can be a bit eyewatering.

  3. I love a good brooch.

    Bought a fantastic dancing lady one from a flea market in Rio but the bloody thing wont fasten properly.

    Need to try and get it fixed really...

    That one you bought is lovely Cazmo - as is the one the lady from Glee is wearing.

    Glee, however, is shite.

  4. yes, it's adorable! I love it with the stripes as well. We have the DVDs but haven't started watching yet and I'm just itching to see it!