Friday, 24 September 2010

Sponsored Post: Olay Big British Beauty Poll.

Perfect skin.
I think most women would admit that as they get older they become more preoccupied with their skin. Watching Mad Men this week I was transfixed by Joan's perfect, glowing skin, surely the epitome of a peaches and cream complexion. (FYI, Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan, is 35. There is hope for us all. Unsisterly of me to do an age reveal but just saying.)

I've been a fan of the Olay Regenerist line for a while now, since seeing it recommended by New York power-dermatologist Dr Lisa Airan and trying it out for myself. To my mind, Olay offer extensively researched products at a good pricepoint and to support the launch of the latest serum in the Regenerist range (promising dramatically firmer skin – yup, sold), they're offering a free sample so that you can try before you buy – a nice way to see whether those promises on the packaging actually mean anything.

Plus there is the option to take part in their latest beauty poll. Sign up for a sample here and do take the poll. That way they can keep making even better products that we can all afford!

[Mad Men still used with thanks to AMC Television.]


  1. Joan is a beauty and her skin does look so dewy and gorgeous. Thanks for the Olay tip, I just ordered my sample! I'll try anything for some kind of improvement these days!

  2. Dear Caroline, I shall be adding that to my huge collection of creams which I just throw on willy nilly and hope for the best. Have a fabulous weekend xx

  3. Dear Caroline, there's a blog tag over at mine for you xx

  4. I have just discovered your blog on a link from Christina, I would love perfect skin but have realised being slightly freckly it will never look like that in a million years. I have however discovered that the best way to keep my skin in good condtion is to use a good cleanser one that does not irritate and the same with the moisturiser. I may give this a go xx

  5. I'm with the Didion look which I think you already pull off rather well! Sorry we didn't get to see you in Portobello the other week...soon I hope xxxx