Monday, 27 September 2010

Fashion blog tag.

[Grace Coddington photographed by Patrick Lichfield, nicked from Fashion's Most Wanted.]

I got tagged to answer some fashion questions by the ever generous Christina from Fashion's Most Wanted at the weekend. Thank Christina! As ever, I hope you're all keeping up with her incredible in-depth fashion analysis. She is an absolute wealth of fashion knowledge, her references are always incredible. And has an amazing style of her own. I feel somewhat humbled now, but here goes.

What's your favourite fashion accessory?
Hmm, probably jewellery. I was handed down the sparkly magpie gene from my grandmother, so I’m always fiddling around with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

Who's your fashion role model?
I don't really have a role model. To me, style is all tied up with personality, brains, sense of humour...I love what my friends wear, for instance. If pushed, I'd say that I love the style of Woody Allen's women, all tea dresses, bundled up coats, brooches. The rich and cosy textures and colours from his 1970s films. And Joan Didion always looks really chic.

[Dianne Wiest, from Hannah and Her Sisters, and Joan Didion.]

How would you describe your style?
Scruffy. I can never look polished, no matter how hard I try.

What's your favourite?  Jeans, sunglasses or heels?
I’m only 5’ 4” (and a half) so heels. People always tell me they think I’m taller when I tell them my height. It’s the heels. (Although I did grow an inch recently, which was pretty revolutionary. I think it was from doing yoga?)

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I love fashion and fashion writing (I have the requisite Hadley Freeman crush, for instance, although I’ve also had a Sarah Mower and Harriet Quick crush in my time). So when fashion blogging came around it was like heaven for me, basically.

What is your favourite fashion store?
I’ve always been a bit obsessed with eras other than the one I’m in, like the Beach Boys song, ‘I Guess I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.’ So I love finding treasures in charity, thrift and vintage shops. (I recently started blogging about my passion for chazzing over at Upstyler, a new mag about charity shopping. I’ve got a new post coming up later this week.) I could also happily wear nothing but Whistles  at the moment. Their dresses!

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Silk. It’s so comfortable and the way it hangs is always flattering.

Who are your favourite designers?
If I was suddenly showered with wealth, I’d probably jump on the Eurostar to Paris and go to Isabel Marant's atelier, then stop at Chanel for accessories, Dior for jewellery, Sonia Rykiel for stripes, knits and coats, then back to London for  a quick stop at Start boutique to clear them out of Acne and Erdem before retiring to my townhouse down Princelet Street. Hm, that was a nice daydream!

Who or what inspires your style?
Film, music, friends, people I see walking down the street, great fashion photography…there’s inspiration to be found everywhere.

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
If I could, I’d definitely make it. Seeing how easy Mrs Jones made it look in Fashion’s Most Wanted profile of her really inspired me, and now she has her own blog,  for added inspiration. Of course, she makes it look easy because she's incredibly gifted; unfortunately there’s a rather large gap in my skillset but, y’know, I’d try!

I'm passing on the questions to IsabelleOC, The Enchanted Hunters, Vagabondiana, That's Not My Age and Privilege, some of my favourite places to read about fashion and life.


  1. I got scruffy style too. I also love your description of what fashion role model inspires you. Me too!

  2. Dear Caroline, I'm humbled after reading what you said. Thank you so much. And thank you for all the links. I'd love more people to read the Mrs Jones interview.

    Great answers... Joan Didion does always look chic. I think her scarf is by Salvatore Ferragamo and that blouse underneath doesn't look cheap either. I like her look. The scruffy answer made me laugh.

    Love your imaginary day out shopping. I'm off to check out Upstyler, it sounds right up my street xx

  3. Yes, I should have written scruffy on mine too, as I seldom look polished so to speak.. thanks to Christina I have found your blog and I am enjoying it xx

  4. Ooh I'm the same height-wise! I'm 5'3 and whenever I say that to people, they always thought I was taller than that. (I also got a bit taller to yoga... that's the 'bit'!)

    Totally agree on the silk too!

  5. Thanks Melanie!

    Thanks again Christina, your blog is so bloody brilliant, it's an honour to be included!

    Nice to meet you too, Wilderness chic, and likewise. I am a welsh girl myself. (Well, mum mum is!)

    Weird isn't it, convo. I kind've like being short but if you like your food as much as me it can be difficult staying slim! And I could NOT BELIEVE IT when I grew an inch! bonkers.


  6. Thanks for tagging me - Christina tagged me too - so I've been double-tagged! Though I haven't had chance to answer the questions yet. I am a bit rubbish at these things, I always intend to 'share the love' but somehow never get round to it. Must try harder.

    Oh and I'm quite scruffy too. Love Joan Didion, she's ace!

  7. thanks for tagging my Caroline (NO!) ... I never get bored of that.