Friday, 6 August 2010



This is the only photograph I took in VEGAS.* It didn't really seem necessary to take any further pictures after capturing this little scene and, as it was hotter than anywhere I've ever been in my life and walking down the street made my eyeballs dry up, thus rendering a permanently surprised facial expression, I mainly stayed by the pool.

*I did however take approximately 87,677 pictures on a special evening in VEGAS that I will post about on Monday. And no, I didn't get married. Have a great weekend. xx


  1. oh the joys of vegas!!! you can never get enough photos!!! ( LOVE THIS ONE!)

  2. Oh gosh, superman! Haha!

    I went to Las Vegas in Au;gust a few years ago, and jesus, the heat! I remember walking outside for maximum half hour and then retreating back to the hotels air con. x

  3. Oh you tease... I so want to know what the special evening was now! ;)

  4. But what a brilliant picture!! I'll look forward to seeing the eighty thousand odd on Monday. You are funny xx