Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jennifer, oh Jenny.

The most awesome thing about my trip to NYC was catching up with my friend Jenny who lives there now. She's been there for nearly four years and we usually catch up once or twice a year but not nearly enough. This woman permanently has me in stitches so it was absolutely mega to stay with her for a week and do some high quality catching up.

This is us projecting into the mirrored roof of a Georgian restaurant in Brighton Beach. They served vodka with the meal as well as $2 glasses of extremely passable Californian wine. We shut the place down that night.

The whole world's a stage

This is Jenny doing the downward facing dog on a ferry from Sandy Hook back to Manhattan after a beach day. Note the two takeaway cocktails which I'm sure were aiding her in releasing her chakras.

Downward facing Neh

Jenny ably tossing a cherry tomato onto the spire of the Empire State Building, just like a toy balloon.

Cherry tomato state of mind

She's gonna love that I've posted these pictures. Thanks again for an awesome trip, Neh. More NYC pics to come tomorrow.

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