Monday, 2 August 2010

California thriftin' and siftin'.

I made it a priority to do some good thrifting when I was in Los Angeles. There is still good thrift to be found within the city limits as evidenced by LA Council Thrift and Out of The Closet have previously given good thrift as have Goodwill. (I bought one of my favourite ever garms, a billowing sleeved mocha silk blouse at Goodwill on Haight Street in San Francisco.)

I've scored at the Berda Paradise Thrift Store in Silver Lake every time I've visited. This time I bought some mega brand new Geoffrey Beene houndstooth trousers for $1. And generally had an awesome experience. (See the entry for Yarborough & Peoples on my playlist.)

We thought that better value thrift might be found out of town so we decided to sniff out the thrift in Ventura as we'd been there before and it was ace. On the way we saw huge thrift superstores in Oxnard so stopped there. The first, Super Thrift was brilliant, laid out well and super cheap. Plus they had a vending machine so you could stop and take a diet coke break. (Although I'm still annoyed about a $6 bag I couldn't decide about, J said to leave so I did, changed my mind and the bint behind me in the queue had already picked it up. Ugh.)


Right across the road was Arc Foundation Thrift which turned out to be even better. Completely bargainous prices – I bought two ace pairs of shoes which were $2 each – loads of awesome costume jewellery, gorgeous dresses.


Vintage shopping in Los Angeles is obviously amazing. I visited two old favourite shops in Venice. Aardvarks, which also has a branch on Melrose Ave and is decently priced, has a great selection of jeans, jackets, shorts; the more basic stuff, really. I got some amazual khaki boy scout shorts for $7.


Over the road at Gotta Have It the pricing is keener but they have really beautiful vintage stock; silk jackets, dresses, shoes, bags; really good quality, unique stuff.

Silver Lake is awash with vintage shops. Ragg Mopp Vintage is my favourite, with an extensive stock of perfect condition dresses and accessories. I bought a stunning mint green silk tiered skirt. It doesn't fit yet but y'know. Post holiday diet and all that.


Photos of my haul to come tomorrow!

[Super Thrift photos by James Ryang, more ace pictures here.]


  1. I liked Rag Mopp too - wish I'd had a car so I could have made it to these huge places. They look incredible!

    Can't wait to see pics of everything x

  2. Pics or it didn't happen!!

    Have you ever tried 'Thrift Town' in San Francisco btw?

    I shopped there exclusively during my 12 months of living on $75 per week...

    It's nothing short of an amazingscene

  3. I am bookmarking all of these for my trip next year! How did you persuade the boy though? Mine would be strict with me.

    Also, how are you getting all this thrifty goodness home? I'm wondering what to do next year about luggage and paying extra charges etc. x

  4. I don't know if I did or not, Kezza. Maybe, just googled it, did go thriftin' in the Mission... (San Francisco was a few years back.)

    Eleanor: luckily he collects vinyl so he's happy sifting for treasures too. Although he is very patient, I think he was just quietly waiting for me. Bless.

  5. next time i am in LA i am totally going to check out these stores!

    i've heard great things about the silver lake area... can't wait to see photos of your finds!

  6. I'm so jealous of your trip! there is nowhere good for vintage clothes where I live.