Tuesday, 3 August 2010

California thriftin' haul.

'Hello. I'm a pair of silver space shoes, perfect condition, and I cost a mere $2. Please take me home on the big metal bird with you.'

Silver shoes

'Can I come? Dr Scholl made me so I am very comfortable. I'm only $2, too!'

Stacked heel

Both pairs of shoes came from the Arc Foundation. And I know at least two of you (hello WFI and GSE!) are going to hate them, because they always hate my shoes.

These are vintage Boy Scouts of America shorts and my favourite find, $7 from Aardvarks. I've lived in them ever since, in fact they are damp from being washed last night after I splattered myself with hot oil when making fish tacos. (Addicted.)

Boy scouts shorts

Look how cute the buttons are!


Brand new, perfect condition Jaeger new wool jumper. Come to momma. My new fave jumper! From the Council Thrift Shop, $15, expensive for thrift but still a bargain.

Jaegar jumper

'Hello. Yes, I am a challenging mid-length skirt but I'm the it-length for the foreseeable so I'm game-on if you are?'


I love this diamante USA brooch. It's going on my denim jacket for that Miss American Pie look.

USA badge

This S tie pin is a present for my Ma (Susie). But I might keep it for myself. Hehe. Both cost pennies from Super Thrift.


This dress is a challenging conundrum of padded shoulders, vertical stripes and weird extremely clingy material. But I sort of love it. From Super Thrift again, for pennies.

Stripy vintage dress

This was even weirder than talking shoes. I have actually owned this exact vintage jumper before and I wore it to death. Angora, from Nordstrom, brand-new condition. Found in the Arc Foundation, for tiny beans.

Nordstrom jumper

There was also a beautiful black, lined, fitted silk evening shell but I can't find it and I'm sure I've forgotten something else. As I'm not working at the moment thrift shopping is so awesomely perfect for grabbing a few things to refresh the old wardrobe. Which is now so full I can't close the door...


  1. Blimey lady - the Thrift Fairy wasn't half smiling down on you wasn't she?!


    Espesh the space shoes, USA brooch, scout shorts and stripey dress...

  2. Thank you! This was without even trying and I was trying not to spend too much, too... *remembers floor length camel coat, leather bags...sigh*

    God I love to thrift. ;p

  3. Oi! Back up bitch.

    I actually really like the silver ones ...

  4. Wow, what great finds! I really love the boy scout shorts, they're so perfect.

  5. Great stuff! Love the denim skirt and the frock, and the shoes look very good on you but how you walk in them is beyond me and yes I do want my S for Susie brooch please!

  6. You did well there! I'm finding myself strangely drawn to the boy scout shorts?? The silver slingbacks are fabulous!!! Great finds. I do LOVE a bargain xx

  7. Hahaha! Noticeably quiet on the other ones tho eh, WFI?

    The boy scout shorts are wonderful, there were lots of other sizes there! I bet you could find them on ebay.

    OK Ma, you can have the brooch. ;p

  8. Mozarteum is your mum? She writes online just like mine does, kind of like I can hear her talking to me -and rather quickly!

    So jealous of your haul. I want to go to California. Really, really, badly.

    Poppy xox

  9. I'm so jealous of your trip and the opportunity to do real style 'thrifting'. That black and white striped dress is more than amazing.

  10. Hehe, Poppy, yes Mozarteum is my dear Mama, for her sins! (And there have been plenty.) How funny about your mother, I'll go and see if I can pick her out on your blog. x

  11. Lucky lady! I am in love with those Boy Scout shorts. And I admire your thrifting skillz.

  12. Are you sure those space shoes weren't asking you to being them back home for me..?