Wednesday, 28 July 2010

NYC > VEGAS > LA. The playlist.

I'm going through all my pictures and getting overwhelmed trying to work out what to blog about first. So in the meantime, here's the playlist I built yesterday of songs that remind me of the trip. It's on Spotify, hope you've got it!

I've done it chronologically which makes some of the tracks running on a bit random and kind've like the playlist Charles Manson might have had on his iPod. 'Pologies 'bout that.

Another Man – Barbara Mason
I was trying to build a playlist of songs before I left and discovered this gem. It's about a woman whose man leaves her for another man and has a slightly dubious message but is a banging tune.
I'm a Wonderful Thing, Baby – Kid Creole And The Coconuts
I think Kid Creole And The Coconuts may have actually invented New York. I listened to this song approximately 875.3 times.
Sun Watcher – Albert Ayler
OK, it's free jazz with a funky bassline but bear with it. I saw a tribute festival to Albert Ayler when I was in NYC, more on that later.
That's The Bag I'm In – Fred Neil
Actually, maybe Fred Neil invented New York. I did a lot of listening to Fred Neil whilst wandering around Greenwich Village. Yeah, I'm a cliche, gotta PROBLEM WITH THAT?
[Sittin' On] The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding
My friend Jenny and I treated fellow ferry passengers to a version of this after one too many Miami Vices after a day at the beach. They really really liked hearing the drunk British girls interpretation of this fine tune. Really. *cough*
Sweet Seasons – Carole King
Will You Love Me Tomorrow – Carole King
We went to see Carole King and James Taylor play together in VEGAS. She's still got it. She was giving JT and her guitarist major game-on eyes and at 68 looked better, had more energy and has written considerably more hit records than me.
Sweet Baby James – James Taylor
Ahh, JT still had it too. He's a total hottie on the cover of this album (love the sleeveface above). He said he wrote this as a cowboy lullaby as he drove to North Carolina to see his baby nephew who had been named after him.
Crying In The Rain – The Everly Brothers
They duetted on this. Which Carole also wrote.
Hot Burrito #1 – The Flying Burrito Brothers
We stayed in room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn, where Gram Parsons died. They had all his CDs in there so we listened to them under the stars and I SWEAR I saw a shooting star as this song ended. This song gets me every time.
Ooh Las Vegas – Gram Parsons
Nuff said.
LA Woman – The Doors
This came on the radio as we were driving to LA. Haven't listened to The Doors since I was about 16 but this sounded mazin.
Ventura Highway – America
This came on the radio as we were driving in Ventura. NO SHIT.
Smile – Nnenna Freelon
Love this song ever since Jermaine Jackson sang it at MJ's funeral. This version was played on KJazz 88.1 (ace LA jazz station that you can listen to online). It has a dubious modern jazz production quality that I usually don't like but I love Nnenna's voice.
Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered – Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson
This live version also came on the radio and sounded rather good.
Don't Stop the Music – Yarborough & Peoples
A lady called Bathsheba made me dance with her to this in a thrift shop in Silver Lake. She also asked James when he bought a record, 'You gon' sample that?' Bathsheba: you are awesome.


  1. Is that my copy of "Sweet Baby James"? I would have loved to have heard them sing "Crying in the Rain" - total favourite of mine aged 12.

  2. sitting on the doc of the bay............ ah thanks lol now i have it stuck in my head : )

    good luck on the giveaway!!!!

  3. fantastic playlist!

    can't wait to have a listen this arvo

    i love the way music can take you straight back to a time and a place - it's like that for us with milton nasciemento!

  4. Loving your playlist. Don't Stop The Music is a particular favourite from my teens xx

  5. Good playlist! James Taylor always reminds me of when I lived in Denmark for some reason - no logic to that!