Friday, 2 July 2010

Meme, Myself and I.

A while back, the truly fabulous Christina at Fashion's Most Wanted gave me a Beautiful Blogger award, which means that I have to post seven facts about myself and then pass the award on to seven more blogs. Thank you, Christina! So here are my seven facts. And if you haven't checked Fashion's Most Wanted, please do immediately, like, now, instead of reading this drivel. She does the most fantastic in-depth profiles of notable Londoners, such as the one she posted this week about Christos Tolera. An inspiring, fascinating read.

I called a friend to ask what I should write in this list and he told me to write about the time he and I were driving through the Joshua Tree desert and stopped at the Joshua Tree Inn, the motel where Gram Parsons died. We stuck our head in the door, then decided we were being a bit creepy, so got back in the car to drive off. We were listening to a Gram Parsons mixtape and, just as we pulled out of the motel carpark, the tape mysteriously stopped in the player, just as Gram sang the lyric, 'One hundred years from this day...'.

We were freaked out. And I'm more freaked out he brought up that story because just YESTERDAY I booked the motel room that Gram Parsons died in to stay for a night on my trip next week. (Yes, you can book the actual room he died in. I'm a bit worried I'll be too creeped out to sleep.) RIP Gram, you sexy country rock bad boy.

I'm addicted to coffee. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is make a pot of coffee and when I go to sleep at night I think about the coffee I'll drink in the morning. Seriously bad addiction, I should try to give up.

I used to play bass in various bands, from my teens right up until leaving Liverpool when I graduated. The band I played in there were called Chevette and, amazingly, I've just found this on Youtube – a recording of John Peel playing our record! Danny, our guitarist, went on to form Ladytron when Chevette split after a few of us left Liverpool.

I chose to go to university in Liverpool because I loved The Beatles so much. I was very happy with my choice. It's a vibrant city with a unique culture. And the music scene there is fantastic. I can honestly say I spent my university years dancing, playing music, partying and doing very little studying.

I miss rollerskating. The day before my 8th birthday I went to bed at 3pm, because I knew I was getting my first pair of rollerskates the next day. Luckily my mum is acers and gave them to me a day early. (Hm, spoilt little princess, much?) I still have some rollerskates, I bought them thinking I'd go skating in Hyde Park but I'm far too embarrassed to go by myself. Anyone up for going rollerskating?

My mum got run over by an icecream van as a young girl. She was OK, but had a badly injured leg; apparently my grandmother's white dress was completely red by the time they got to hospital in the ambulance. I know I'm sick, but I find it funny that she got run over by an icecream van. I've never trusted those fuckers.

I've never seen E.T.

So there are my fascinating facts! I'd like to pass the award on to some of my fellow British bloggers Isabelle OC, the enchanted hunters, The Sneaky Magpie, The World According To Jane, Vagabondiana, Yeah...OK...Bye... , What Katie Does. Have a good weekend, people! xxx

[Gram Parsons image: Ginny Winn—Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images]


  1. thank you Caroline (no ...) you never fail to amuse me. I am glad you also like the thrill of a ghost. a very bad habit of mine. x

  2. I really enjoyed reading that!! The Gram Parson's thing's mental! I don't know whether I'd want to stay in that hotel room though! You are funny.

    Love the fact you were in a band! The name Chevette rings a bell too and not because of the car.

    The Actor is Beatles mad. One of my friends always says "The Beatles - the second best band Paul McCartney was ever in... after Wings" to piss him off!

    I wish I could rollerskate. My old flatmate bought a Barbie pink pair. She got as far as Broadway Market and broke her arm, which put me off having a go.

    The ice-cream van story... so funny but so wrong. Your poor Mum!

    I used to be a coffee addict too but have managed to wean myself off. Now I just have a double espresso with pudding in a restaurant and go a bit spinny...

    Thank you for your lovely words xx

  3. thanks you Caroline! Your stories rock! It will be hard.x

  4. Wow, 'John Peel played my records' should be put on a t-shirt, what an accolade. Also, am planning US road trip for 30th bday, will need to bend your ear.

    Cripes, searching through my brain for some vaguely interesting facts...

  5. Thank you Caroline!! I love your daily musings...
    The more i read your posts about music the more i think you are better matched to my husband than i am! Seriously!
    I got this award from someone else a few weeks ago and put it off so much i thought i may have got away with not posting the 7 things about excuses now! Just gutted i can't nominate you as one of my 7 blogs now!
    Thank you!
    LGS x

  6. Ooh, thanks! Love your list- mine won't be as exciting (no haunted motels or rock bands in my life, for one thing...) but I shall get to it soon. Liverpool sounds great - it's somewhere I'm entertaining moving to actually ...vibrant and unique sounds like a definite draw.