Friday, 30 July 2010

LA foodz.

Urth Caffe insanity cakes

This isn't a picture of the Coconut Royale cake I had at Urth Caffe. It didn't last long enough to be photographed. This is a picture of cakes at Urth that I saved onto my desktop a couple of years ago, I don't know where from. Urth is totally overpriced and where the wannabees go to hang out – it's the café where Vinnie and the boys always go on Entourage – but if you can get past the slightly dubious atmos the cakes there are fantastic. Mine was a really light, coconutty sponge filled and coated with a mixture of cream and coconut. Dribble. We went to the Santa Monica branch.

Going to LA for me means lots of Mexican food. I think I ate fish tacos for most meals. These were by the beach in Ventura. Side of onion rings? YES PLEASE.


This carnitas burrito missile came from Holy Guacamole in Santa Monica and belonged to James; I ordered some lame cheese tamales that were a bit rubbish. I'm upset just thinking about it.


Just as I was consoling myself with guacamole and thinking, 'This stuff really is the food of the gods', I looked up and saw this sign. 

Holy Guacamole

I had more delicious fish tacos from this food truck. Apparently the whole food truck culture is really taking off in LA.

Street Kitchen

I communed with this fro-yo truck on the beach in Santa Monica too. Simply funnel your chosen fro-yo into a pot then add toppings. How convenient.

Fro Yo Van

We didn't eat at this place but the food looked really good. Chez Jay was Dennis Wilson's favourite bar and is apparently where the celebrities go when they're in the mood for a dive bar. JFK and Marilyn Monroe are said to have liaised there.

Chez Jay

After the apparently very strong drinks at Chez Jay we went to The Galley, a kitschy fish place decked out as a ship. Unfortunately my two margaritas rendered me able only to look at the pretty lights. I have foggy memories of a tasty chowder and some gorgeous, fresh seafood pasta. I've been before when sober and can confirm that it's a delicious, winning place.

The Galley

Probably my favourite meal of the trip and the one we saved until last was a drive down to Malibu to visit The Reel Inn. It's a fish shack by the side of the road where you choose your fish from the display, how you want it cooked ('Cajun, please!'), and which sides you want. 'Slaw, cajun rice, homestyle potatoes... so good.

the reel inn

Last but not least, a quick hat tip to Jack in The Box. That milkshake was delicious and I have to confess to having a bite of one of J's sliders. (I'd never heard of sliders before but everywhere was selling these trios of mini burgers. Is it a new thing?) Obviously for burgers we should've been going to Inn-N-Out but somehow we didn't make it. Gutted!

Jack in The Box

[Reel Inn image by Jennifer Jpan]


  1. i luv the name holy guacamole i can only imagine the guacamole was to die for!

  2. How did I miss that you were going to LA too? I used to live there as a young pup! Sounds like you had a fab, foody time ;)

  3. The food on this trip was simply incredible. My rankings:

    1. The Galley - my "Fillet Mignon" Chile + Shrimp and pasta salad

    2. Pork, Steak and Fish (they were small!!) Tacos from the Food Truck

    3. The Reel Inn - Cajun Catfish and Salad with blue cheese dressing (worth the hour sat in traffic)

    4. Jack in the Box (the pic tells all u need to know)

  4. oh gosh this all looks so god! I can't wait to go to america for the food! x

  5. Looks good : ) ahh the temptations of LA food!


  6. all the food looks so good. I love Mexican food, and the cake!!!

  7. caroline is that a cheese plate james is eating?

    with a big lump of feta and what looks like processed cheese slices?

    shirley knot?

  8. I'm really hungry now! Two of my favourite things; cheese and anything with a ton of fresh cream on... now trying to think where I can get a cream cake at this time... Love the fairy lights picture xx

  9. You won't believe this but... I've actually just called a cab to take me to the supermarket to buy some form of cake and a pot of whipped cream... just on the back of your photo!! What am I like? The corner shop don't do fresh cream cakes only frozen and I'm not going down that route xx

  10. Haha Christina! I'm sorry. I hope it was worth it.

    God I'm craving coconut cake now... xx

  11. A four pack of assorted cream cakes later... they had nothing smaller xx