Monday, 19 July 2010

Checking in from the desert.

Hey dudes! NYC > VEGAS was as crazy as expected and I’ll post about it in tedious detail when I get home, rest assured, but I’m in a very chilled place this morning and have been having blog withdrawals so had to do a quick check-in. I'm lazing on the deserted patio of the Joshua Tree Inn, surrounded by palms buzzing with hummingbirds and nosy little critters with bended tails who keep scurrying up to peek at me, hiding under the shade of this joshua tree.


We arrived last night just as the sun was setting and checked into room number 8, famous for being the room where Gram Parsons had his final party. I was worried that I might just find it a bit spooky and sad but the energy of the place was amazing. Despite being dog tired from VEGAS and our slow drive across the desert, I was buoyed up on the magical spirit of the place so walked across the highway to the store to buy a six pack of Pacifico and some tequila minis. We sat out in the room’s back yard, listening to Gram and staring up at the stars, spotting six shooting stars between us before being sensible and deciding against sleeping under the stars, which I really wanted to do, and collapsing into bed for a super restful night’s sleep.

I really don’t want to leave here today. I won $160 on my first ever foray onto the blackjack tables just as we were leaving VEGAS – I wanted to stay and gamble it all away but James, again the voice of reason, dragged me out of there – anyway, I’m tempted to spend it on another night here. We have a room booked in Venice for the rest of the week, but this place is just so magical. We’ll see.

Have a fantastic week dudes! I’ll probably check in again this week, now that things are a bit more sane. x


  1. Is it mandatory that VEGAS has to be written in capitals?

    Sounds amazing I am very jealous.

  2. I am so incredibly jealous, this sounds brilliantly magical. Hopefully I'll be doing the same next year!

  3. That sounds awesome! Enjoy Venice - can't wait to hear about it, as I'm trying to plan a West Coast vacation as well!

  4. make sure you pop into Shutters for brunch! xx

  5. Joshua Tree! I'm so jealous!