Monday, 7 June 2010

Union Jack biscuit tin.

I love the entire Emma Bridgewater Union Jack range, but especially this biscuit tin. It has to be one of the world's great bargains at only £13. Love the Truly Great bag for a fiver, too. The range would be fab for any upcoming patriotic events, can't think of anything though. Hmm. Nope...

(Anyone else sick to death of all the St George's crosses all over the place at the moment or am I just the original grumpy old woman?)


  1. Agreed, and I don't like the ones that people have flying from their cars :/

  2. hmm me wigged out at the traffic lights by white van man and flags...bah humbug....good tin for them too xxx

  3. Oh, tell me about it, enough now!

    Have a smaller version of the tin, love it!

  4. I also have the smaller version of the tin and like to keep it busy by filling it with homemade biscuits.

    Personally I am very excited about the World Cup. But I am a bit of a football bore. So far managing to resist the lure of dreaded flags though. If I strapped one to my bike I'd be too worried people would mistake me for a BNP campaigner. Although maybe white van men would be kinder to me on the road. Come to think of it that's worth considering...

  5. LOL, Natalie, good idea. Maybe I'll paint my cycle helmet with the St George's cross.