Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Style inspiration: Natalie Hartley.

It's so easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. That thing of thinking, well, I really liked the look I had in 2001 and I looked good then, so I think I'll just put myself on sartorial hold and dress as though I'm a member of the All Saints forever.

Luckily for Londoners, everywhere you go you get to see new trends unfolding and new ways to wear things you already own. Sitting on the platform at my tube station is like being at a fashion show, a lot of the time. I also love Natalie Hartley's blog for this. She is a fashion editor who systematically goes through the trends and translates them into her own wardrobe, offering practical advice on how best to update your look and keep it modern. I've learnt loads of tips from her, such as chucking a pair of brogues on, loose shirts over shorts and dresses, knot your shirt if you're wearing something high waisted... It's a great blog to browse for ideas if you feel you might be slipping into a rut. Care to share where you get your inspiration from?

[Image courtesy of Natalie Hartley.]


  1. I wallow in my fashion rut :) I kinda like that Oxford isn't very fashion forward, there's no pressure. You london gals are where I get my inspiration!

  2. The dog alone was enough to get me to click the link. (Am I missing the sartorial point there..?)

  3. Ha ha, I totally did the whole All Saints combats and tiny T-shirts thing about ten years ago :-)

  4. I'm not sure what inspires me. I don't tend to follow fashion too closely as I have big boobs and we all know how 'untrendy' they are.

    I do know what suits me altho I think this comes with age. For my entire 20's I wore black EVERYTHING. Seriously there was no colour in my wardrobe. 'Jeans and a black top' was my staple fashion diet.

    Nowadays I love colour and I love dresses. I think this means I'm all grown up. Yay!

  5. I've had some of my wardrobe for so long, it's come back into fashion! I do like Natalie's blog but keep forgetting to look. Thank you for the reminder. I could do with a few tips on what to do with my ridiculous wardrobe! I like her Cocker Spaniel too! xx