Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Jazz sunglasses.

I've fallen madly in love with Robert Roope's range of jazz inspired glasses and sunglasses, Black Eyewear. An avid jazz fan (and from Hull, like me - woop!), his glasses are inspired by and named after his jazz favourites. I mean, what a perfect idea. Jazz is the god-daddy of all that is cool so sunglasses and jazz = the perfect marriage. I love these, the Billie.

Or, inspired by the beautiful Julie London, the Julie.

A bit crazy but totally awesome: the Nina. I totally reckon I could pull these off in LA. And definitely in Vegas.

And for the boys: how about a pair of Coltranes or Monks? Totally jazzual. Buy all frames here.

[Spotted yesterday on the wonderful Mademoiselle Robot. Click through for her full profile on Robert Roope, his stories and inspiration. Thanks missus!]


  1. Shouldn't the heart shaped ones be the "Lolita". They are all great though. It's such a pain that my sunglasses have to be prescription.

  2. these are all total cuties! a girl can never have too many sunnies

  3. for the love of GOD woman will you stop introducing me to all the amazing new fashion items that I SIMLY MUST HAVE?!

    if I don't own a pair of 'anitas' by the end of summer I will definitely die.

  4. Those are really cute sunnies! Perfect for the summertime. I love the heart shaped sunglasses.

  5. Love love want want....Billie and Annie are my favourites. Cruel to post these on a day when i've had the sun in my eyes for most of it!

  6. Gorgeous! I really want some Karen Walker sunnies at the moment, and I also had to stop myself buying some Marc Jacobs ones while I was in Singapore recently.

    Poppy xox